Reboot: My Kid’s Diet

It’s a crazy world of juggling a family, business and a host of responsibilities and it’s time to reboot my kids diet. I find myself in a rut with what to feed my family. Lately, I’ve noticed our staple meals include a lot of starches. To the point of my son asking for rice for breakfast! Purchasing the 50lb bag of rice from Costco may not have been the best decision in hindsight. While I’m able to steer clear our family’s food allergies quite easily, I admit I’ve become complacent by eating a lopsided diet. We definitely eat our veggies & meat, yet we’re overly heavy on fruits, grains, and simple & processed carbs. Oh, how we love Potatoes, Bread & Rice!

The bigger problem? These starchy foods are showing up through my son’s behavior, this is my theory, at least. We eat grains & starches for all meals, followed by fruit and meat, where I try to balance it out with a couple of vegetables. Overnight, all of those lovely carbs and starches turn into sugar causing my adorable son to wake up like a complete ball of energy, bit unfocused and harder to keep on track.

My goals of a family eating “healthy” was well aligned with the Standard American Diet (SAD) diet. Problem? This diet fuels America’s plethora of sicknesses and ailments.

reboot diet

The striking fact is that cultures that eat the reverse of the standard American diet – low fat, high in complex carbohydrates, plant-based, and high in fiber – have a lower incidence of cancer and coronary artery disease (CAD). -Ask Dr. Sears

I’m testing my theory is to reboot my family’s diet! After watching, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, it became clear, although my family isn’t overweight, we aren’t a complete picture of health. We’re missing the variety of nutrients that we need to stay healthy.

I’m on a new mission to figure out how to maximize the vitamins & nutrients my family eats. Thankfully my children love veggies, now to figure out ways to flip their diet without them missing a beat.

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