NAET – Miracle cure or hoax? Part II Conclusion

Earlier in Part 1, we discussed why Jennifer began the journey of NAET to determine if it would be a miracle cure or hoax. Read Part I here. More importantly, if it would help Tristan with his concerns.

After the Treatment
At the end of each treatment session Tristan could have absolutely no exposure to the substance being treated for a 25-hour period. He couldn’t eat or touch anything made of the substance. So, for example, one time we treated my son for calcium. He could only drink and clean himself with distilled water. That was difficult. Not to mention the many foods and other drinks he couldn’t have that contained calcium. Another hard one was minerals as he couldn’t touch anything metal and again had to drink and wash himself with the distilled water. Most the others weren’t as difficult to manage.

Follow-up Visits

Each visit you can only be treated for 1-2 substances at a time, so it can take many visits to treat all your sensitivities. At follow-up visits, the practitioner tested to ensure the last treatment worked.

I laid down, held my arm up, held my son’s hand who held the vial with the opposite hand and the practitioner checked for resistance. If I was able to resist, great, it was time to treat something new. If not, then the practitioner treated my son again for the same substance. Out of all 15 basic substances, he only had to be retreated for one. Not bad.

Did it help my son’s eczema? The very first treatment for Brain Body Formula worked a little bit. His skin improved just the slightest bit, but enough to get our hopes up. My guess is because the first treatment was related to stress and we all know anyone with eczema usually is affected by too much stress. We were so excited to return for our next treatment since the first one was a success. But, we saw absolutely zero change after the first visit.  We tried so hard too and really stuck with the treatment program. Since insurance was paying mostly, I thought – what the heck. So, we gave it our all and went about 30 times. Tristan went through the basic 15 treatments and then on to his top allergies (milk, soy, gluten, peppers, walnuts, and tomatoes.) No change in his skin or his allergic reactions.

I will say that I’ve heard of just as many successes with NAET as I’ve heard of failures. I’m not sure if it has to do with finding the right practitioner or it’s really a matter of if the body is open to this type of treatment. We all know, as with all health conditions, what works for one person’s eczema, may not work for another. I think NAET may just be another example of this.

So, if you can afford it or your insurance will pay, I’d say go for it. It won’t hurt you or your child and what if it’s the one thing that works. You never know.

Side note – While doing research for this post I found that after treatments the patient is supposed to wash their hands or rub their hands vigorously for 30 seconds to clear the hands of any residue from the substance being treated. We were never told to do this. Also, if food was being treated, after the 25-hour withholding period, it is strongly recommended to eat a small amount of the tested food each day for four days in order to introduce the body to the food that used to be harmful. From what I read it seems that this reconfirms with the brain and nervous system that the food is now harmless and seems to be an important step in the treatment. Again, we were never told to do this. So, is it possible the treatment didn’t work because of these two things we didn’t do? Maybe. We’ll never know.

If You’re Still Interested, More Details
We found an acupuncturist who practices NAET in our area, but many chiropractors and medical physicians practice it as well. You can search here for a list of practitioners anywhere in the Americas.

It’s EXPENSIVE!! Luckily, our insurance covered most of the costs, which is rare. Treatments start at $80 per session and go up from there, way up, from what I’m told. That’s not horrible for one visit. The kicker is that the cost adds up when you consider that typically a minimum of 10 visits are required to be treated. I think we went about 30 times and we could have gone for double that if we wanted to treat all my son’s allergies!

Bottom line– it didn’t work for us, but may work for you. It’s harmless, but time consuming and expensive.

UPDATE: I recently interviewed a family that used NAET treatment successfully, for not only their little one with the biggest bout of eczema but also for the oldest son with asthma. Take a look at it here.


About Jennifer

Jennifer is a work-at-home mother of two. One has eczema, allergies, and asthma, and one has only mild eczema. She is the founder of The Eczema Company and blogs at It’s an Itchy Little World. 


Thank you Jennifer!


Have you tried NAET treatments or have questions about it? Leave a comment or question, we’d love to chat about it further! Missed the first part of this post? Read the beginning here.

10 thoughts on “NAET – Miracle cure or hoax? Part II Conclusion

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  2. Liz says:

    I had terrible eczema and anaphylaxis to a bee sting as a child, I was diagnosed with POTS about 10 years ago and 2 years ago developed severe allergies to foods such as nightshades, eggs and nuts. I tried everything to manage the allergies including taking mast cell stabilzers and H1/H2 antagonists which actually helped quite a bit. The food allergies would cause a dramatic drop in blood pressure, wheezing and my throat or face to swell up.

    My condition was very difficult for my family as many days I would be so sick I couldn’t leave the house and would wear a medica alert necklace for unexpected anaphylaxis.

    My husband kept encouraging me to go to a NAET centre as many local people have reported success with their allergies after treatment. I looked into it and thought it was hocus-pocus. For my husband’s sake I went. They performed the initial testing to see what I was allergic to. Their report said that I was sensitive to over 80% of the substances they tested me for and severely sensitive to about 20 including nightshades and chemicals.

    The first few treatments I was coincidentally very sick after my appointments. The practitioners decided to use a surrogate when performing the treatments and after that I coincidentally felt really good after the treatements.

    During an early session they tried to “clear” me for tomatoes which is one of my severe allergies. My blood pressure coincidentally crashed when they tried to clear the allergy and i was taken home. In another session they accidentally put a box of chemical vials in my “field of energy” unbeknownst to me. I fell over and was sick.

    I can tell you that I absolutely don’t understand what they do for their treatments or why they work. I can also tell you that before the treatments I would have a very bad reaction when I was in the presence of tomatoes either visible to me or not. After 20 treatments I can tolerate tomatoes and other foods which would previously cause difficulty.

    It worked for me and I was one of the worst cases this clinic has seen in 12 years.


  3. Karen K. says:


    I am hoping I can help someone here. If you have never heard of Arbonne, I highly recommend it. There is a product called Renewing Body Gelee, that healed my friend’s eczema overnight, and my neighbor’s grandbaby’s eczema in 2 days. My friend were pretty shocked, and we both decided to become independent consultants for Arbonne. This product is one of the most natural/pure products that Arbonne has. It is actually used in an organic salon near my home. (I can send ingredient list if anyone is interested). There is another product called 5-in-1 essential massage oil that is used for eczema AND psoriasis, with great results.

    What I love about Arbonne’s beauty/health & wellness/cosmetic products is that they are FREE from harmful chemicals, such as: parabens, mineral oils, formaldehyde, animal by-products/fillers (gross!), petrolatum, and many more. They are NOT tested on animals (yay!), and they are certified-vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free. Best of all, Arbonne is a Swiss company, and has a much higher standard of what ingredients are allowed in their products. Over 500 ingredients that Europe has banned from their products, we use here in the U.S.! So many people are unaware of this.

    Anyway, I hate to sound like a spammer. I just know what this product has done for my friend and neighbor’s grandbaby, so I wanted to share in case someone was at their wit’s end, and wanted to find a product that works.

    If you are interested in seeing if this product works for you, please respond to my comment. I’d be more than happy to mail out a sample free of charge. No one should have to suffer from eczema…especially babies and children. 🙁

    God bless,
    Karen K.

  4. Janice says:

    I’m not sure if a brand can be mentioned on this site, so I won’t mention it, but I have personally seen friends with eczema and psoriasis have their symptoms vanish with a product that has been around for some 20 years. For example, I was visiting my uncle for a family gathering and happened to have a travel size tube in my purse and gave it to my uncle who has tried every drug on the market to treat a very bad case of psoriasis on his scalp. Well, within 3 days, he calls me and asks, “where can I buy this stuff?” It was the 1st time in 50 years that he felt relief from the symptoms. 2 weeks later, you would never know he had a problem.

    Feel free to contact me for details.

  5. Ver says:

    What insurance do you have, what were the physician’s credentials, and what was the nature of the practice?

    I find it hard to believe that insurance of any kind would cover such a procedure.

  6. Jared Semik says:

    If you don’t understand the existence of your energy bodies NAET will seem odd or hocus pocus but what it’s doing is removing the resistance your energy body creates against the substance like reprogramming the errant code that rejects it. This is also how reiki and energy healing works. Most people have no concept of anything but their physical body but your non physical bodies are where all illness and disorder originate. Einstein discovered that E=MC2 meaning matter is energy and energy is matter, and there is more than just electromagnetic energy like etheric and Astral which make up your energy bodies or soul. Just through the things in life it gets twisted and distorted eventually manifesting physically or weakening the physical body making it susceptible to foreign bodies. We’re actually quite luminous…it’s unfortunate humanity is still fairly blind

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