Treating The Air For Eczema Relief

When eczema happens, most of us focus on the skin to give our kids relief and to help prevent flare ups from happening in the first place – but did you know that treating the air in your home can provide some seriously amazing help? The skin is the largest organ on the body, and it spends all day dealing with the air we’re in. If the air in your home is less than ideal, it may actually be aggravating your child’s skin or even causing flare ups where there normally wouldn’t be any. All of the parents I know who have experiments with conditioning and treating the air have found some pretty amazing benefits and I’d like to share some of these solutions with you today.


First things first – the skin has a really hard time detoxing, cleansing, and healing itself when the air is filled with dust, dirt, and other challenging stuff. If you’re worried about the overall health of the air in your home, you don’t need to purchase a big expensive filtration system. There are actually come super easy and inexpensive things you can do to help clean the air in your home. First, make sure that the air filter in your HVAC system gets replaced regularly. Getting in the habit of doing a monthly change is a great habit, and many filters run just a few dollars each. For even more protection, try investing in a small one-room air filter and using it wherever your child is spending time.


In order for the skin to heal itself, it needs to stay hydrated and supple. Dry skin is less able to defend itself, and if it’s dry enough it may get small cracks which lead to eczema flare ups. Using a simple cool mist humidifier, especially in your child’s bedroom, can dramatically improve the health and function of their skin. For many of the parents I’ve spoken to over the years, this is an essential!

Air Misters

If you really feel that the air in your home is super dry, air misters may hold the solution. These simple devices help disperse extra amounts of hydration in the air so that skin stays moisturized and protected. Air misters can be used wherever they’re needed most, or you can buy automated version that work with your heating and air conditioning.

Light Therapy

The use of indoor UV lights to help treat eczema may sound strange – but many parents swear by it! The basics behind this treatment are that UV lights can be cleansing to the skin while also helping soothe the immune system. Having these lights in your home or in a play space where your child will be exposed to them can essentially help give them the benefits of sun exposure without all the added risk.


Is air quality a concern in your home? What do you do to keep it clean – and what have you found that works best? Share with us in the comments below!

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