Limit Scratching Damage

limit scratching damage

Despite a parent’s best efforts, your little one may still find ways to scratch and is often very ‘resourceful’. Limiting Scratching Damage to keep skin damage bay:

  • Keep your baby’s nails short
  • Wear ScratchMeNot mittens; Babies and young children with eczema are very good at removing the traditional mittens as the itch is unbearable – consider getting mittens specially designed for them which are harder to remove
  • Wear long-sleeve light cotton clothing designed for eczema children – for instance, they are made with materials that have undergone chemical testing, gentle, with labels and seams on the outside
  • For young children, parents can help to take note when the child scratches. If the scratching is most intensive while watching TV, consider replacing ‘idle fingers’ time with fidget toys designed to be used to distract from subconscious scratching.
  • Be sure to keep idle fingers busy during activities, such as potty training or during story time with fidgets.

Parents with eczema children may feel guilty for not being able to help their children with the eczema and the itch. This is sometimes compounded if one or both of the parents have eczema or the mom suspects it was her pregnancy diet or choice of solid foods for her little one. Know that eczema occurs in children for various reasons, sometimes for reasons outside of our control. Rather than focusing how eczema came about, perhaps focus on finding solutions and celebrating the good days when itching and eczema are under better under control! Next: Easy Ways to Reduce Itch

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