5 Uncommon Yet Effective Eczema Treatments

5 Uncommon Yet Effective Eczema Treatments

You’re somewhat a skin expert, right?

If eczema is part of your life, you have more experience and you’re a lot more knowledgeable in skincare than the average Joe.

But are you up to the latest trends with skincare gadgets?

Let’s find out.

1. Dry Brushing

Dry brushing does exactly what it says. The dry brush is made of materials designed for the skin which will not cause micro-cuts or sores when rubbed on the skin.

It is suggested to perform a full body dry brush twice a day: once in the morning and once before the shower.

How does this help eczema?

  • It exfoliates the build-up of dead skin cells (most of them are too tiny for our eyes to see) to allow a skin detox.
  • The brushing also improves blood circulation, which ensures our skin can receive maximum nutrients and undergo the best maintenance provided by the immune system.
  • Having cleaner skin ensures better absorption of moisturizers.

This gadget is advised for brushing on spots that are closed up and not for existing sore spots because it can cause damage.

Here’s a video showing the step by step process:

It’s been featured on the news as well as ScratchMeNot’s blog.

Dry skin brushing is recommended for everyone, it helps reduce the symptoms of skin aging!

2. Wet Wraps

Wet wraps can help the skin a number of ways:

  • Block away bacteria from entering
  • Hydrate the skin with moisture
  • Reduce itch due to the cooling effect
  • Lower down internal heat caused by eczema
  • Help trap topical treatments in the skin

Wet wraps are wraps soaked in water that can be wrapped around an affected area. The optimal amount of water is when the wrap doesn’t drip anymore water.

A really important part of this gadget is that the material used for the wrap must be carefully chosen – never use artificial fabrics that will prevent the skin from proper air circulation or else it will simply promote itching.

Here’s an article on wet wraps; a step-by-step guide and here’s a factsheet from the national eczema society.

3. NAET 

NAET is abbreviated for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques.

Almost everyone has allergies and are sensitive to certain chemicals in nature. No one in reality is 100% allergy free. To eczema patients, this is important because by removing your allergens you can cut down your flare-ups forever.

Now, NAET is not something perfect either, there are reports that it works and there are reports that it doesn’t. But it’s more inclined to the positive side.

The NAET method helps patients remove their sensitivity to allergens through the practice of kinesiology and acupressure. Here’s a video demonstration:

Allergies are just one part of eczema, but it may be the severest trigger for some people. Anyhow, through removing allergens, your flare-ups can be greatly reduced and that’s for sure.

Here’s more info on NAET part 1 and part 2; here’s a magazine publication on NAET and here’s a research paper [case report] with a 3-year old. Check out the official NAET website.

Note: This method is an unconventional treatment, there have been reported success but also failures accompanied with anaphylaxic reactions.

4. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a very nutritious grain, its content of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and many minerals combined makes it a great food choice for eczema sufferers.

There are 3 common uses:

First, simply eat them. But if you are sensitive to gluten make sure you buy gluten-free oats. You have to read the labels because machineries that process oats are often used with wheat so watch out.

Second, grind oats into powder form and drop a few cups into your bath. Soak yourself for around 20 minutes and it will soothe your skin so good you can’t even imagine it.

Third, you could also choose to make your very own lotion by grinding the oats with water. Make sure you purchase organic oats.

I’m sure this is not the first time you’ve heard about oatmeal baths, but please, try it and you won’t regret.

Here’s a ScratchMeNot article on oatmeal and here’s another article on the nutrition of oats.

5. Breathing

Breathing is something we do every day. But there’s more to it.

There are many ways to breathe, and return with different results. Eczema sufferers need to learn how to breathe in certain ways. Why?

Because it can relax your body and mind, allow better blood flow, calm down itches and best of all promote digestion.

What’s the technique?

Learn more from this ScratchMeNot breathing article and here’s an extra website made for optimal breathing.

Bonus: 6. ScratchMeNot

Okay, this is actually not uncommon because many parents know about how effective these mittens are. And it deserves to be mentioned.

ScratchMeNots are highly effective pair of mittens designed for babies who are suffering from skin problems such as allergies and eczema.

They are easy for the parent to put on but hard for the baby to undo, and the fabric of the mittens is friendly towards the skin so no damage can ever be done again because the itches are blocked.

Let’s watch a video explanation:

These mittens really work, check out what the parents are saying.


Nothing Matters Right Now…

…unless you take the advice and put them to use.

For you, as a reader with skincare experience, if you were only allowed to recommend one skin treatment, what can you share?

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