Back To School With Allergies

When it comes time to send the kids back to school, allergies can seem like a pretty big topic to tackle. The good news is that it can be simple to ensure that your kids stay safe each and every day at school without a lot of hassle or fuss. Follow these simple tips to help your children and their care-takers avoid problems and create a healthy and safe environment each and every day.

* Education is key. Don’t assume that your child’s teachers and care takers know as much as you do about allergies. If you have information packets, send them! Otherwise, call and make an appointment with them for a few minutes of ‘training’. Most teachers and care takers will welcome the chance to learn how to work best with your child since it will take the guess work out of the process on their end.

* Make sure that you provide your child with a detailed list of allergies. They can keep this in a wallet, backpack, or in a folder. You could laminate it or dress it up to make it fun for them to carry around each day. This list will help your child remember what to avoid, and it’s an easy way for them to communicate with care takers since all they need to do is show it to them.

* Network with other parents who have children with allergies or other special needs. This is a great way to make sure that you have a support network at school and other parents to bounce ideas off of. It’s also great for your child to know they aren’t battling allergies alone.

* Communication with your children can also help out a lot. Make sure to check in with them about the food they eat, how they feel at school each day, and if they have any problems at all. Sometimes kids can be the best source of information on how to solve problems with administration or teachers.


This school year you can rest assured that your child will be safe and allergy-free by following these simple steps and keeping a close connection to the teachers, administration, and care takers that spend the day with your child.

What do you do to ensure your child is prepared for back to school?

Here’s to a wonderful new school year!

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