Baby Wipes, Allergies, and Alternatives

baby wipes

Baby wipes are an essential to making changes a clean, quick, and simple process – but could they be causing more harm than good? Recent reports have explored the chemicals used in various popular wet wipe brands and have found that certain preservatives used within them can actually trigger eczema flare ups. Since the skin around the diaper area is extra sensitive and prone to eczema flare ups, even a slightly aggressive chemical in a wipe can start a serious chain reaction. While most wipes are gentle and safe, there are more than enough on the shelves to have made recent research necessary to explore the issue. Many children experienced basic rashes after using wet wipes, while others went into full dermatitis breakout.

The good news is that wet wipes come in many shapes and sizes, and there are options available that are healthier and safer. You can look for wet wipe brands that don’t use any chemical preservatives or those that rely on botanicals to get the job done. These brands are becoming more and more prevalent in the world and they’re especially easy to find from online retailers.

Another option is to make your own baby wipes. This is actually easier than it sounds and it puts you in complete control of what ends up on your baby’s delicate skin. There are some amazing recipes online you can try. Here are a two of the ones that are most popular:

Making your own baby wipes is a great way to cut down on how many chemicals your child encounters. You may want to keep some healthy versions on hand for busy days or travel, and use homemade wipes at home where storing and making them is much easier. Any little changes help in the long run.

If you have a favorite all-natural or hypoallergenic wet wipe you love, please share it with us in the comments below!



2 thoughts on “Baby Wipes, Allergies, and Alternatives

    • Andrea - ScratchMeNot says:

      Thank you for posting alternatives! Love that other moms think the same! While we don’t use wipe anymore, I understand the convenience factor. One of the hard parts is getting others to understand the amount of chemicals in wipes that babies are exposed to daily. Thanks again!

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