Is Your Child Allergy-Safe At School?


Recently in the news there’s been a lot of talk about the safety of kids with allergies in schools and what schools should do when allergy attacks hit – especially life-threatening attacks like anaphylaxis. Schools are limited legally to what types of medications they can keep on hand and administer to a child, but since an allergy attack can go from bad to worse in seconds, many parents believe it’s important for schools to stock and administer medications like Epinephrine.

Throughout the 50 states there are a variety of laws¬†that regulate the use of EpiPen and other similar medications. For many parents, it can seem overwhelming to figure out what’s safe in your school and what kind of care your child will receive if they get sick. Luckily, the folks over at have been hard at work creating a resource that’s being updated as various states make changes in their legislation.

Click the map below to learn more about the laws and regulations in your state…

Allergy Law Map



Once you know a little bit more about what’s happening in your state, you can take action that’s in your child’s best interest.

If your state has good legislation that allows their school to keep EpiPens on hand, make sure the school is stocked and is educated on when and how to use them.

If your school is only allowed to use EpiPen products that you as a parent deliver and sign for, make sure you do that as soon as possible.

If your school has legislation that prevents the use of epinephrine and other emergency medications, it’s time to take action! Follow the suggestions on the site linked above to get more information about how you can make a change.

Is your child allowed access to EpiPen in their school?
What have you had to do to ensure they have this access?

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