Raw Food Diet For Eczema Reset

raw diet eczema

Raw diets have been all the rage in recent years, but it turns out they may not be just another fad. People across the world are turning to a raw, plant-based diet to help soothe and even heal a variety of illnesses – and many of them are finding great success! A raw food diet focuses on eating natural, ideally organic plant foods that have either not been cooked at all or have been cooked at extremely low temperatures such as through steaming, dehydrating, or flash baking. A raw food diet helps us connect to a big variety of living foods that are free from artificial ingredients, and eating this way could be a great help for those who are trying to help their bodies reset from an eczema inflammatory cycle. Today, we’re going to look at some of the benefits a raw diet can bring to those dealing eczema, and explore why it might be a great short-term option to help the body heal on a deep level.

A Raw Diet For Eczema

There are a few main reasons why so many people who deal with eczema choose to do a raw diet cleanse or go on the raw diet as part of a new lifestyle.

First, eating raw plant foods will expose your body to a drastically reduced amount of inflammatory foods. Most of the foods we eat that cause inflammation in the body are processed, preserved, cooked, or non-plant, so going raw helps cut them all out right from the beginning.

Second, eating a diet rich in plant-based nutrition is gentle on the body and it can do really good things for the digestive system. A soothed digestive tract could help the body absorb more nutrients which could mean faster healing and a better functioning immune system.

Last but not least, a raw plant-based diet can help supercharge the body with a new variety of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, hydration, and enzymes that many not have been present or digestible before. Plants are medicinal food powerhouses, so focusing the diet on them can have some pretty far-reaching effects.

Digestion Is Essential

One of the biggest concerns that comes from a diet rich in processed foods, meats, and dairy is that the digestive system can have a hard time handling these foods and extracting nourishment from them.

A raw plant-based diet is packed full of enzymes that make digestion and assimilation easier on the body, and since they haven’t been processed or heat-treated, they often contain more of the good things our bodies need to heal.

Fighting Inflammation

Inflammatory issues are a leading cause of both eczema flare ups and continued discomfort and damage from current eczema issues. Eating a diet rich in raw plant foods can help the body put an end to the inflammatory cycle that feeds eczema while also giving it lots of nutrition to help healing happen on a deep level.

Diet Or Detox?

While some people adopt a raw diet as part of a new lifestyle, many people find that just a 30, 60, or 90 day raw diet is enough to help reset their system and get things back to normal. A raw detox is simply selecting a number of days to eat organic raw plant foods, and treating that time as a break for your body.

When it comes to kids, working with a doctor or dietitian is crucial to a healthy and happy raw transition. Since kids often have a picky palette and need extra nutrients to keep growing, it’s important to get plans customized to them. There are a great number of books and videos out there that speak directly to going raw for kids, and these are all great resources if you think a raw diet would be a good move for your child’s eczema.

Have You Gone Raw?

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  1. Tatiana says:

    Hi, I have been on a raw diet for months, and I have only gotten itchier and my skin more inflamed. I was hoping to heal sooner. Any advice?

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