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Water Softeners & Soothing Eczema

When it comes to treating eczema in kids, bath time can be one of the most helpful opportunities to let the skin get deep moisturization and some much needed healing help. A good soak in the right kind of water can help water penetrate deeply into skin tissues so that the skin can heal better and stay hydrated for longer. Temperature is an important factor, as are the oils and other additions you can make to your bath – but there’s more. Many parents are now looking at whether or not water softeners can help make bath time more effective, Read More

Hot Or Cold – What’s The Best Bath To Take?

Baths are one of the most celebrated ways to help cleanse delicate skin, soothe eczema flare ups, deeply hydrate the skin organ, and soothe itching. But while a good soak can be a real life saver, it can also make things worse. Many parents who try baths as a treatment for eczema find that their child’s skin actually becomes more irritated, sensitive, and aggravated just after the soak – so what’s going wrong? The answer could be something as simple as water temperature! The right temperature can allow water to penetrate deeply into the skin for soothing and healing, while Read More