Scratch-Free Summer Style!

If you’re a parent who has a child that scratches due to allergies, eczema, compulsive behavior, or any other cause, you’ve probably heard about ScratchMeNot mittens and how they help put an end to the damage caused by scratching. In today’s post, we thought it would be fun to look at the sweet styles and playful looks that our mittens come in this season to show that the ScratchMeNot mittens work and  look cute while they do their job!

Royal Rain 2014

Many parents think that taking their kids out on the town, to play dates, or shopping while wearing scratch mittens could be problematic. For this very reason we’ve gone above and beyond to create all of our mittens in fun colors and patterns that will thrill your child without standing out as a health aid. We never use those bland bandage colors! It’s all about soft fabrics, fun patterns, playful colors, and an effective treatment against scratching when you use ScratchMeNot mittens!

Fuchsia Sunshine 2014

If your child looks great in a certain color, has a color-focused wardrobe, or is drawn to certain colors – you’re sure to find ScratchMeNot mittens that work perfectly. We’ve tried and tested the very best colors to see what kids and parents love most, and our online shop reflects the most popular (and cutest!) designs we came up with.

A Gray Solid colored ScratchMeNot on a little boy holding a lizard. With the ScratchMeNot Logo and saying "Scratch Relief For Kids"

If you’re looking for an effective and stylish way to handle scratching, we invite you to check out our full selection of super soft ScratchMeNot flip mitten sleeves online by clicking <HERE>.

For a collection of some of the best scratching related information online, make sure to visit our info page! We cover everything from allergies and eczema to sunburns and autism spectrum disorder… see it all <HERE>.