How Soft Soles Help Soothe Eczema

soft soles shoes for eczema

If you’re like me, growing up in hard soled shoes was the status quo. I was always taught that a strong, supportive sole in my shoes would create better posture, stronger feet, and let foot issues – but it turns out that may have been old science that’s no longer the best possible option. Many modern parents, myself included, have switched their kids over to soft soles and have experienced a pretty impressive array of positive health benefits. When it comes to kids who have eczema on their ankles and feet, these benefits are really noticeable.

Unlike hard soles, soft soles are porous and allow the feet to breathe in circulated air flow. A hard sole usually doesn’t let air in and can trap sweat, heat, or bacteria which can lead to all kinds of issues. Soft soles are the go-to choice for many parents who have kids with eczema for this reason alone, but there are tons of other great benefits!

Soft soles can also mirror the effect of walking on soft earth. This can help correct balance and posture issues in a way that engages core muscles while also making it more comfortable for kids to be on their feet for extended periods of time. A day at a theme park on hot pavement is a prime example of when you’ll hear a lot less complaining about sore, aching feet from your kids!

Soft soles are also easier to get in and out of shoes which means that if they get wet, dirty, sweaty, or smelly – you can pull them out and leave them in the sun for a few hours to get them back to new.

Using soft soles has become so popular in recent years that there are already some great brands out there making them just for kids. Robeez ( and Jack and Lily ( are just two of them.

These soles make it easy for our kids to walk in comfort and style while also giving the delicate skin on their ankles and feet a chance to heal and strengthen – something many soles simply don’t offer. I’ve also found that many parents experience soft soles as being a better option when ointments and topical medications have to be used on the feet.

Do you use soft or hard soles for your kids?

Why did you make that choice, and what are the benefits?

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