The 3 Most Common Kids Allergies

common food allergies in kids

While kids can have allergic reactions to a broad spectrum of foods, there are three that seem to be the most prevalent in recent years. The three foods are unfortunately very common as stand-alone items and as ingredients in other preparations. For parents who are still trying to figure out which foods are triggering their kid’s allergies, this list can be a really great place to start. Even if you don’t feel that your children have allergies or sensitivities to these particular foods, it’s a good idea to know what they are and know where they appear in your life so that you can keep a more hassle-free pulse on what your child eats and how their bodies and minds react.


Nearly three percent of all infants have an allergy to cow’s milk or other non-human milk. The allergy to milk is usually focused on the complex proteins, whey, and/or caseins that are prevalent in mammals’ milk.

While most young kids tend to outgrow milk allergies and sensitivities, some don’t – and those kids may be at risk for other food allergies down the road. It seems that there are correlations between children who have allergies or sensitivities to proteins and allergies with other ¬†types of foods.

Milk allergies usually present themselves in the form of indigestion, vomiting, upset stomachs, and skin breakouts.


Believe it or not eggs are the most common food allergy diagnosed in kids! Like milk, eggs contain complex proteins that may trigger the body’s immune system into attack mode. This trigger can lead to a whole host of reactive symptoms that can be extremely troublesome. Also like milk allergies, kids who exhibit egg allergies tend to be at a higher risk for developing other issues later on – especially respiratory issues like asthma, nasal issues, and weak respiratory immunity.

It is important to diagnose egg allergies early since many immunizations and vaccinations are carried in an egg protein base.


Soy is a legume that’s closely related to the peanut, another common allergen in kids. Like wheat, soy is showing up in more and more products these days which may be one factor in why so many kids are developing sensitivities and allergies to it.

While soy allergies are often not extreme, they can be very frustrating. The real issue with soy is that it’s in so many products that parents have to work hard to keep it out of their child’s diet.

Other Common Food Allergies In Kids

In addition to those listed above, other common food allergies we see in kids include…

  • Wheat
  • Tree Nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Seafood
  • Food preservatives, dyes, and artificial flavors

If you suspect that your child is dealing with a food allergy, explore the elimination diet and speak to a professional to get additional information you may need for success.

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