Common Spring Allergies In Children

Spring is upon us once again, and it’s time for kids and families to step back outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Playgrounds and backyards will soon be buzzing with the sound of happy kids in play, and the world around us will transform into blankets of color and fragrance. As beautiful and magical as the springtime season is, it can be a real pain for kids who deal with seasonal allergies. We tend to think of allergies more in late summer and fall – but spring definitely brings something to watch for. Today we’ll be exploring some of the most common, and surprising, forms of children’s allergies that professionals tend to see during this time of year. Knowing what to look for and learning about possible triggers is a great way to help control your child’s allergies and to help them enjoy every moment of this beautiful season.

spring mold allergies



Mold is one of the top offenders when it comes to springtime allergies in kids. After a wet winter, things start to warm up fast and this creates the perfect environment for mold spores to multiply. Areas where winter dampness and springtime warmth get trapped are the biggest problem areas. This is a great time of year to inspect attics, basements, sub-basements, and storage spaces for any signs of mold or mildew.

spring tree allergies



Trees are a big culprit in causing issues with children’s springtime allergies. This is the flowering season, and pollen will be taking advantage of spring breezes to help ensure the health and production of trees across the landscape. Pollen is an aggressive allergen for many people, and it can trigger everything from eczema outbreaks to mood swings.

If you suspect that your child has a sensitivity to tree pollen, there are some great steps you can take to improve their quality of life. Many antihistamines and allergy medications are extremely effective with pollen. You can also check weather and avoid being outside when breezes are strong since this is the number one way that pollen becomes airborne.


The good news about spring is that plants are growing, now being harvested. Those of us with allergies get a little relief from things like hay fever and other harvest-time allergies which is a great thing!

To learn more about natural, effective, and hassle-free allergy solutions, keep your eyes on the ScratchMeNot blog this season!

Happy Spring!


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