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Easter Activities for Kids with Eczema and Food Sensitivities

Easter activities are usually full of candy and chocolate… which means that they are also full of anxiety for parents of kiddos with eczema and food sensitivities or allergies! Check out some of these non-food related activities for your little one and their friends. Easter Egg Hunt Easter egg hunts are a traditional Easter activity that your eczema warrior doesn’t need to miss out on! Simply swap out the candy-filled eggs with these non-candy egg stuffers! Non-Candy Egg Stuffers Action Figures Bubbles Finger Puppets Kaleidoscopes Pencil Toppers Rings Slinkies Stickers Tops Toy Cars Whistles Yo-Yos No-Dye Easter Crafts Looking for Read More

Navigating Easter with Eczema and Your Little One

Does your child have food allergies that trigger their eczema? This can get super complicated for mommies and daddies that want to celebrate Easter with their kiddos! Easter weekend can prove to be a challenging weekend when it comes to family gatherings, easter egg hunts, and school events. Ingredients found in Easter candy like milk, soy, and added sugars can lead to some pretty extreme flare ups in some toddlers. So, what can you do to make sure your little eczema warrier doesn’t feel left out when everyone else is collecting Easter candy? Find alternative Easter candy. Look for Easter treats Read More

What nutrients are good for the skin?

Most people don’t think of their skin as an organ, but it is! Like all other organs in the body, your skin is made up of tons of cells that get directly impacted by what we eat. Most people, with or without eczema, can see a direct relationship between the food that they eat and the quality of their skin! This is why it’s crucial for children with eczema that they are eating a diet that is rich in nutrients that support healthy skin. Take a look below at the nutrients that support skin health and consider incorporating them into Read More

Types of Baths for Eczema: How and Why

Bath time can be confusing and frustrating (to say the least) when your little one has eczema. There are three different types of baths that can be beneficial for children with eczema: cleansing baths, detox baths, and bacterial baths. Take a look at the breakdown of how and why each bath can improve your child’s eczema. Cleansing Baths Cleansing baths do exactly what you’d think. They clean your child! When doing a cleansing bath, be sure to use lukewarm to cool water. You’ll also want to limit to about 5 minutes. When choosing soaps, focus on the ingredients of the Read More

Pets and Eczema

It’s no secret that most kids beg their parents for a pet of some sort over the course of their childhood. For most parents, they simply have to worry about whether or not they want to take on the responsibility of bringing an animal into the house. But for eczema parents, they have a whole other set of worries. Will having a pet aggravate my child’s eczema? Can I even get my eczema child a pet? In short, the answer is yes, you can get your eczema child the pet they’ve been begging for! There are plenty of options that Read More