The GAPS Diet And Eczema

GAPS diet

When parents first start looking at how to help control and heal their child’s eczema, diet seems to be one of the first things that come up. On the ScratchMeNot Facebook page I see people talking about diets all the time and sharing which ones seem to help the most. While all kids have different needs, there are some diets that seem to help kick-start a healing process or soothe a sever outbreak, and the GAPS diet is one of them.

The GAPS Diet, also known as the Gut And Psychology Diet, was created by Dr. Sidney Valentine Hass and it’s been a go-to diet to help kids dealing with all kinds of issues on the physical and mental levels.

The idea behind the GAPS diet is that it completely heals, strengthens, tones, and nourishes the digestive system. While it may seem strange, the digestive system has a whole lot to do with the way the immune system functions – so when it’s weak or damaged all kinds of issues form eczema to ADHD can be aggravated.

The GAPS diet helps people heal their gust so that the immune system can restore itself and so that the only materials that make it into the bloodstream are those that have been completely digested properly. A damaged gut can let undigested proteins and other materials into the blood which aggravate the immune system and break down its functions over a short time. A strong digestive system and gut protects the whole body from this issue and helps kids absorb more of the nutrients that help them grow up healthy and happy.

When it comes to eczema, the GAPS diet can help by resetting the digestive system and giving the immune system a chance to heal and balance itself. The GAPS diet is anti-inflammatory as well so it can also help the body reset inflammation cycles which can be extremely helpful on its own.

While the GAPS diet gets rave reviews and lots of attention from parents with kids who have eczema, a reality check is in order. This diet is not easy. It requires lot of kitchen prep time, lots of foods many kids won’t be thrilled about (meat stock being a staple on the plan), and real dedication. Many parents find that GAPS works best for kids when the whole family does it together. A child on GAPS who sees siblings or parents enjoying foods they can’t eat can cause lots of tension.

Even with the work it takes to do GAPS right, there are lots of parents who will emphatically say that it’s totally worth it. You can read more about GAPS on the official diet page at

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