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"I just had to share this with you...I really can't thank you enough as the ScratchMeNot Flip Mittens combined with a new ointment changed our lives for the best!!" -Nicole

…It’s More Than Just Itchy Skin!

Why I love Detox Baths!! (and Vinegar baths too!)

I knew detox baths existed, but I didn’t know why or how effective they were, outside of helping a sprained ankle or sore body. Detox Baths are the business! Detox Baths: Boost the immune system Calm little bodies down before bed Reduce inflammation Helps absorb nutrients Relax the nervous system Do you see why I love detox baths? Before we begin, this is key to remember. Detox baths are meant to help your body absorb the greatness in the water. Please do not use soaps or personal care products. Think of this bath as purely a power soak, rather than for Read More

Are you cooling your home without this?

Summertime begs for air conditioning, but are you cooling your home without this essential item? Or maybe you’re over cooling your home. Eczema is a challenging journey for more and more families. Indoor heat, ventilation & air quality can make it harder keep eczema under control. A simple suggestion? A humidifier. We want our homes to be comfortable whether it’s winter or summer. Yet, blowing air conditioning or heat throughout the day can cause the indoor air to be quite drying to our skin. A humidifier keep the air hydrated, along with your skin. Most of the time, we think Read More

Food & Skin: Power Nutrients

Impact of Foods on Skin Studies directly link foods to skin are limited, yet we know we, and our skin, are affected by what we eat. I can easily see a direct relationship between food and skin when my son eats dairy. Within minutes, a red rash appears letting me know his body disagrees with dairy. All over the internet, books and magazines, experts encourage us to eat certain foods for glowing skin or for a healthy complexion, but what we want to focus on are nutrients & foods that help repair skin quickly and reduce skin inflammation. This is especially important for children with eczema Read More

Epi-Pen for Schools Program by Mylan

——–Epipen for schools program by Mylan will continue below this recall update. EPIPEN & EPIPEN JR Voluntarily Recalled on March 31, 2017.  If you have an EpiPen or EpiPen Jr affected by the recall, please contact your pharmacist or doctor to return and receive a replacement. The following lots were affected: ——–EpiPen for schools program by Mylan! Allergies and anaphylactic reactions are on the rise. With so many children affected, schools need to be prepared in case of an emergency. Mylan Specialty has launched a program to help make EpiPens more accessible within schools through their program. The program gives schools Read More

No Candy for Valentines Day? No problem! – A food-free holiday

Valentine’s Day is typically filled with sugary dessert and candy. Lots of candy. For a child with allergies, it’s so much easier (and a relief) to celebrate activities with fun games, toys and activities. Need visuals or pictures? Look at our No Food/Candy- Valentine Crafts board on Pinterest 🙂 I especially love the Emoji faces and Minion hearts! O here’s another a quick list: Friendship Bracelets Card Exchange Bubbles Small Noise Makers Stickers (who doesn’t LOVE stickers) Pencil Eraser Decorations Mini-Books Mini Balls Art Projects or Crafts Notebooks Kiddie Tattoos Don’t forget to look at our list on Pinterest: No Food/Candy- Valentine Crafts Read More