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Antibacterial soap + Triclosan: Why it’s a huge deal

Recently the FDA announced they are banning ingredients found in anti-bacterial soap AND many are being pulled from the shelves based off this new information. Why is this important? Well for starters, it turns out, scientific research shows that antibacterial soap is no better than regular soap and water. And the added ingredients of triclosan and similar chemicals used in these soaps are ineffective but used as a marketing ploy to make the product seem better than regular soap. It makes it seem like product will be safer for you and your family. yd you know triclosan is a pesticide that Read More

Scratching And Temper Tantrums

It’s one thing to see your child suffer from constant itching and scratching – and another to see scratching and temper tantrums combined. Double the trouble. Stress, anxiety, frustration and immune system responses can all be wrapped up in both itching and emotional meltdowns, so they often go hand in hand. An emotional or anxiety based temper tantrum can easily trigger itching and other allergies, sensitivities, and breakouts, so it’s important to try to treat both symptoms by understanding they may have a share cause. Most children exhibit temper tantrums because of stress, frustration, anxiety, fatigue, or dietary issues. If Read More

Celebrating ScratchMeNot Stars! (Giveaway)

Celebrating ScratchMeNot Stars! In celebration of baby #5, we’re giving away 5-star products we love! Every Friday in April, we’re giving away prizes to celebrate our newest addition and also to celebrate your little Stars too! As a Thank You for supporting us and allowing us to help your little ones over the years, enter and enjoy each item in this grand giveaway below! a Rafflecopter Read More

Pfizer, Anacor and Crisaborole: Will eczema finally be relieved?

Pfizer has recently acquired Anacor to secure the purchase and ownership of the medication – Crisaborole. Crisaborole 2% ointment is a non-steroidal topical medication that is geared towards mild to moderate eczema. Over the years, steroids has been one of the top prescribed medications for eczema.  However, the long term side effects of steroid use, include skin thinning, HPA axis suppression & topical steroid withdrawal. There’s a lot of hope pending in this FDA approval, as this will be the first medication approved for eczema in 15 years. There’s two sides of this merger, I’d like you to consider. Facts There Read More

GIVEAWAY! Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics

Remember the days before allergies were so prevalent? While we’d mostly good from scratch, we could conveniently buy ready made or mixes that would cut our cooking time in half? Well with the onset of GMOs, synthetic ingredients, and the onset of allergies, some of us have had to solely cook from scratch. Well…. Elizabeth is making our kitchen experience a LOT easier! What is Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics all about? Elizabeth has made it her mission to provide great tasting, allergy free, organic mixes to bring ease to the kitchen for parents with food intolerances or allergies, or just the Read More