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Eczema Diets – Which Ones Really Work?

Eczema Diets
Chances are most all of us tried one of those trendy fad diets to lose weight or get fit for the summer… but who would have thought we’d be trying them for our kids, too? When my child’s eczema started to become an issue, food was one of the first things I looked at. I had heard people talking about the possibility of food allergies, sensitivities, food blending, preservatives, and all kinds of other stuff being the root cause of many flare ups, so that’s where I decided to look first. The issue is that for every parent with a Read More

Immunity & Eczema

immunity eczema
While many prescription creams, lotions, and medications exist to help with eczema, antibiotics are still one of the most commonly prescribed. The reason behind this is that sometimes a little boost in the immune system can help stop infections that eczema’s scratching can cause and help the body get to work fighting it off on its own. Sometimes antibiotics can be too strong, especially for little ones, causing unwanted reactions.  An easy way to boost your child’s immune system naturally as part of their daily diet. A strong, resilient immune system doesn’t overreact like immune systems can do under the influence Read More

A New Year, A New You!

Happy New Year! As we enter a brand new year, this is a great time to set some positive goals for the health and happiness of you and your family. Many people use the New Year holiday as a time to create a list of things they’d like to accomplish in the year ahead, and to set plans of action on how to get those things done. Dieting and exercise are always big goals for the New Year, so we’d like to share a few simple ideas that can help get you and your family in the best shape ever Read More

Natural Options For Allergy Relief

Recently, Everyday Health posted an amazing article showing some of the most gentle and effective natural therapies for allergy relief. One of the reasons why we loved this article is that they took time to explain how natural allergy solutions can help a person bypass the frustrating side effects that can come from conventional allergy treatments. Some of the more popular forms of all natural allergy therapies being used these days, and begin explored on the Everyday Health site, include the use of neti pots and nasal irrigation methods, herbal support such as the famous butterbur plant, and even foods Read More