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Photo Aggravated Eczema – Join us to Support Bethany

An allergy to the sun or heat? Imagine that playing outdoors during the summer months is considered a danger rather than a delight. Family vacations are geared towards winter activities and taking cool baths becomes the norm. This is a quick glimpse into the world of photo aggravated eczema. Amy has been diligently raising awareness about Photo Aggravated Eczema since her daughter, Bethany has been diagnosed with the condition. Since this is an uncommon condition, few know that it exists and even less know of the degree of the flare ups associated with it. Amy has been documenting her day Read More

The Food Allergy Pulse Test

For many people, identifying food allergies can be a true challenge. From a total elimination diet to a ‘hit or miss’ process of trying to identify which foods cause problems, it can be frustrating to figure out which direction to look in identifying the foods that cause allergies. The good news is that many people have found that a simple food allergy pulse test can help give basic insight into which types of foods may be causing allergy issues. Before we continue, please keep in mind that a pulse test or any other at home food allergy test is in no Read More

NEA announces Eczema App

The NEA has announced it’s first Eczema App which helps you: *Track Flares and Treatments *Take notes about the flare *Gain Information about Eczema by age groups *Get Up To Date News about Eczema from the NEA *Available for all mobile Apple and Android Devices *& More! Download it here!   All images courtesy of Read More

The Most Common Food Allergies

If you’re a parent with an allergic child, or if you’re exploring an elimination diet to help single out the foods that may be causing allergic reactions, you may be wondering which foods to look at first. For most people, there are specific foods that trigger an allergic response. Once these foods are identified, they can be cut from the diet and avoided so that they can live an allergy-free life without all the hassle, medications, and stress. Here’s a list of come of the most common foods that cause allergic reactions, and information about how to live without them. Read More

Natural Options For Allergy Relief

Recently, Everyday Health posted an amazing article showing some of the most gentle and effective natural therapies for allergy relief. One of the reasons why we loved this article is that they took time to explain how natural allergy solutions can help a person bypass the frustrating side effects that can come from conventional allergy treatments. Some of the more popular forms of all natural allergy therapies being used these days, and begin explored on the Everyday Health site, include the use of neti pots and nasal irrigation methods, herbal support such as the famous butterbur plant, and even foods Read More