Splash Into Summer Fun!

The Journey To Itch & Scratch Free

Splash Into Summer Fun!

Summer is in full force and boy is it hot outside!

If your kids are like mine, there’s one thing they want to do when the sun is out and the thermometer is at the tipping point – play in the water!

Water fun makes a great summertime activity that’s not only fun, it can actually help soothe and even prevent eczema issues. Today we’re going to take the plunge and look at a few simple ideas for water play, and some of the ways they help soothe sensitive skin.

No matter where the water takes your family this summer, make sure you always use waterproof sunscreen and re-apply it often!

The Benefits Of Water Play

When skin gets hot, dry, sweaty, and warm it can be the perfect atmosphere for an eczema flare up. While air conditioning and cool clothing help greatly, there’s nothing like a day at play in the water to cool down the skin and keep it hydrated. Playing in clean water can…

  • Deeply hydrate the skin
  • Allow for physical play without sweating
  • Create space for a small amount of protected, healthy sun exposure which can be good for the skin
  • Encourage movement which helps the lymphatic system detox the skin
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Promote better sleep

Pretty impressive, right?

Now, let’s look at some of the ways you can turn on the water this summer!


At home, try using low-flow sprinklers, kiddie pools, buckets, spouts, colanders, pitchers, squirt guns, and other toys to create a simple DIY day of wet fun.

For The Little Ones

More and more water parks and recreation centers are adding splash pools and toddler-friendly play zones with shallow water. These areas a re a great place for younger kids to play, smile, and grow – and they’re a great way to socialize and network with other families in your area!

Simple & Affordable

Many communities that have a recreation center, community pool, or water park offer summer season passes for families. While it may look cheaper to buy daily passes,  it adds up over time. Many centers have passes that could end up saving you hundreds of dollars – and if you buy a full year you may also have access to things like gyms and classes!


Share your favorite summertime splash activities with us in the comments below!

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