The search for an Aquaphor alternative

When eczema introduced itself to my family, I was told about a great product called Aquaphor. A non-medicated ointment that is thicker than lotion, better than vaseline and last forever (that’s if your little one doesn’t sneak to play in it!) It worked wonders for my daughter’s skin as it locked in moisture to reduce the amount of scaly, dry patches of skin. And seemingly in a matter of days, I could tell a BIG difference in her skin by using it before bed. However, as time passed and I became more aware of natural emollients, I started to wonder is there anything better and healthier for her skin.

As time passed, I began to notice that Aquaphor’s magic is slowly wearing off. Her skin is probably evolving and/or adapting to the various treatments for her eczema. Aquaphor is no longer locking in moisture, so I’m on a search for an Aquaphor alternative. And soon, because eczema is taking it’s toll and making on her skin equivalent to the Sierra desert, plus it’s winter! I plan on testing new creams & oils for at least 7 days, given no allergic reactions and compare the results.

First up: Coconut Oil for eczema

Cost: $7

Yesterday I purchased my first jar of unrefined Coconut Oil. From the looks of it on the outside, the clear jar suggests a thick creamy texture. However, upon using it, I’ve found that the oil starts off solidified, but quickly turns into a thin oily state when applying it. If you are use to the thick coating of Aquaphor, this could take a little getting use to. Coconut oil doesn’t absorb like lotion, it creates a thin oily layer on top of the skin that gradually absorbs. I almost want to mix it with something to make it thicker so I know it’s staying put and will lock in the moisture. It’s too early to tell if this is necessary as it’s only been one day.


I think she smells REALLY good, as I don’t mind a faint smell of Coconut. Actually I can really only smell it on my hands after applying it and it quickly fades away. I’d equate it to a light bath scent after a shower. It lasts maybe 10 minutes and then the smell is gone. Considering all of the natural products out there that have pungent smells, this one is rated a 9 out of 10. My ideal scent would be no scent at all.

Allergic Reactions?

I was extra amped about trying a new cream and I applied it all over. Not the best idea in hindsight. Luckily, there are no reactions so far. In the future, I will do a patch test first.

What do you use as an emollient or moisturizing cream? I’m open to suggestions as I will be giving a few a try! Be sure to read the results!


6 thoughts on “The search for an Aquaphor alternative

  1. Jennifer I says:

    I’ll be interested to hear your results. I have a drawer full of miracle potions that didn’t work, and so we just quit trying altogether. At $7-20 each, we got tired of throwing away the money and really not seeing much as far as results. I already have
    the coconut oil, though I’ve never tried it on my LO’s skin…only in her food. Truly, I hope you find the coconut oil works (and then I’ll try it too, haha), but if it doesn’t, I’ve had Calendula cream recommended. Maybe that could be next?

  2. ScratchMeNot says:

    Hi Jennifer, It’s Day 3 of the Coconut Oil and I can say I see a slight difference, but it doesn’t seem to be a cure all at the moment. I think I was spoiled by Aquaphor’s quick results so I’m expecting the same from new creams we are trying. I’ll do some
    research on Calendula cream. I’m was also recommended unrefined Shea Butter. Have you tried it? I’d love to hear about what you’ve tried in the past.

  3. Karen @ Mommy's Paradise says:

    I’m using coconut oil on my 3yo since more then 1 1/2 month now, sometimes 4-5 times per day and his dry skin went back to very smooth and soft, neck and armpits are perfect now. But on his ‘main’ eczema spot behind his knees the coconut oil alone did
    nothing, it did not cure the eczema. But just before Christmas I started him on homeopathic calcium tablets and he’s completely eczema free now. It looks like I hit the jackpot. 🙂 Oh, and I also used Tea Tree Oil on his knees. I hope you find the needle
    in the haystack. Good luck for your girl.

  4. ScratchMeNot says:

    Hi Karin, Thanks for the extra tips. I’ve never thought of tea tree oil for those tough spots. I may have to give that a try! We must be on the same wavelength, because I just started to give her calcium pills too! They are kind of chalky so she won’t
    eat them. I blend them into her milk. Hoping for the best! Thanks again!

  5. Laurie says:

    I read about a Restorative Skin Balm by CV SkinLabs so I tried it and love it, and it doesn’t have any petroleum products in it. I had a few seriously dry spots on my arm that wouldn’t go away and a dot of this for a few days cleared it up. I also used it on my feet at night (with socks) and helps cracked skin better than the results I had with Aquaphor. Like Aquaphor, it is greasy, but I love that it’s about as natural as you can get.

  6. Melanie says:

    i use it in my bath as well as an after bath rub i also was told by a friend to ingest it ..1/2tbs a day…. i did and its done wonders for my skin hair i love it i have forund my “itcy cure” as i like to call

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