The Dangers Of Chronic Scratching

There are many reasons why children scratch from allergies to stimulation behaviors. No matter what the cause is, however, the results can be the same. Many kids who scratch without treatment end up with cuts, infections, and even scars that can lead to some pretty serious problems. If your child is dealing with itching and scratching for any reason, it’s important that the issue not be left alone and that you handle it as quickly as possible. The good news is that there are many simple and effective solutions to help put an end to troublesome scratching without all the hassle, intense medications, or worry.

Cuts & Scratches

When your child scratches themselves, it doesn’t take much to break the skin. Even if you’ve gone above and beyond to perfectly manicure your child’s nails, they can still cut themselves without much effort. Small cuts in the skin cause by fingernails can be irritating, lead to infections, and even cause scarring.


Small cuts in the skin can get infected easily from dirt under the nails or from everyday contact with contaminates. The more your child scratches, the more they open their skin up to foreign matter and irritants that can cause infection and lead to even more scratching.


Scars can be caused by even the smallest scratch or most short term itch. Children have sensitive skin by nature, so it’s easy for scars to set in with the smallest injury to the skin’s surface.

Preventing Scratching, Infections, and Scars

If your child is scratching, the most important thing to remember is that you have options. Work with your pediatrician or doctor to examine the cause of the itching, and then take action. Your child may be dealing with a very mild allergy that can be easily treated with medication or a change in your detergent. if the problem is more serious, take it one step at a time and soon you’ll be in complete control of the situation.

The ScratchMeNot Mittens


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