Dry Brushing For Eczema

Dry brushing for eczema and other exfoliating techniques have become an essential piece of eczema care. We are finding that using this dry brush technique increases blood flow and circulation to the skin which can lead to easy detoxing, removal of dead skin cells, and better absorption of moisturizers. After more research, here’s what I’ve found.

Skin Detox

Keeping the skin clean, free from buildup, and healthy is essential to caring for eczema. The cleaner and more healthy the skin is, the better the body can handle eczema flare-ups.

Gentle dry brushing creates cleaner, stronger, and more detoxified skin – so this is definitely a technique we should be paying attention to!

Blood Flow

The elements that our bodies use to fight infections, heal injuries, supply immune response, and deliver nutrients all happen in the blood. Increasing blood flow can help flush an area with hydration, nutrients, and cleansing – and dry brushing is believed to do this. Using a very, very gentle dry brush on sensitive skin could be a great way to call in the blood and get things moving.


Obviously, dry brushing has to be handled with care. You need to make sure that the brush you use has been specifically designed for use on dry skin. Please make sure the brush is soft enough to ensure it won’t cause skin damage.  Choosing the wrong brush could lead to micro-cuts, scrapes, irritation, and even splinters from the bristles!

This dry brush has received great reviews and is made specifically for the skin.

Avoid dry brushing areas where infection or eczema breakout is happening. Dry brushing is best left for maintenance and prevention rather than being apart of a flare up regimen.

Make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize brushes between uses to keep bacteria at bay.

Your little ones may look forward to dry brushing as it can massage & soothe their itchy skin without causing more skin damage.

Image shown above is the round body brush courtesy of The Body Shop.

3 thoughts on “Dry Brushing For Eczema

  1. Aron says:

    I have chronic eczema, resulting in extreme intense itching. To avoid lacerations from my scratching fingernails I’ve used hair brushes. Bristles that have round heads are less likely to cut. So maybe I’m getting the dry brush benefits. But, this is no light touch. I grind the bristles into the itchy places so thoroughly that the hair brush wears out.

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