Paying for itchy creams or cleansers gets a little easier!

As many of us know, when it comes to taking care of sensitive and/or itchy skin, the dollar signs start to stack up! Thanks to Whole Foods, they have a great 1 day deal through Living Social! Buy $20 worth of groceries and only pay $10. Now that’s a deal in and of itself when Aquaphor alone can cost up to $15 a container. Whole Foods overs a great selection of skin creams/ cleaners and more for those with skin irritants. Enjoy the Whole Foods coupon.

There is a limit to this Whole Foods goodness:

  • You must purchase the coupon today
  • Use it anytime between now and Dec 13, 2011
  • Limit 1 coupon per person
  • I’ve heard there’s 1 million total coupon limit…get it while you can!

Get your coupon here!

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