The Season Of Giving

Today marks the first day of November, and the official start of the big holiday season. Here at ScratchMeNot, we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us in giving back to the communities that support us all.

As the weather changes, the holidays approach, and the seasons change, it becomes more important for all of us to chip in and do whatever we can to help those in our communities who are in need. This is the perfect time of year to donate old coats, jackets, sweaters, and shoes as well as food and provisions that are important when it’s cold outside.

For many families, this time of year brings their children lots of new clothing to prepare for the fun winter season. If you’re child is ready for some new clothing, consider making a donation of their used clothing to shelters, women’s centers, or other charitable organizations that will help get them where they’re needed most.

Food donations are another important thing to consider at this time of year. During cold months it can become increasingly difficult for food banks and community pantries to keep food in stock. If you find that you have extra, this is a great time to share it with others.

Time and energy is another way that you can create change this season. Giving your time in service of community centers, shelters, food banks, fundraisers, and other events can help warm your heart and change the world!

Keep in mind that many families in need cannot afford the little extras that help their children with allergies. Donating special items that help soothe and comfort a child with allergies can truly change a life!

If there’s a special organization or event you love supporting at this time of year, feel free to share it in the comments section below.

If we all give a little, it adds up to a lot!

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