Introducing Flip Mitten Body!

flip mitten body

We are so excited to announce the newest addition to the line of ScratchMeNot products that help keep your kid’s skin healthy, safe, and protected.

The Flip Mitten Body combines the tried-and-tested solution that our  mittens offer with the added protection and comfort of a super-soft body suit. For kids who seem to always find a way to itch, pull, chew, or thumb-suck Рthis is the answer!

The Flip Mitten Body features the same durable yet soft materials we use in our traditional mittens. The mittens can flip up to expose hands for playtime or eating, then flip closed to expose the soft silk outer layer that can’t harm the skin. The mittens are connected to a 100% cotton bodysuit that performs all the functions of a traditional bodysuit or onesie with the added benefit of built in mittens.

Flip MItten Body Onesie

Many parents have found that even with super short nails and lots of guidance kids can still find ways to harm themselves. For kids who scratch, pull hair, suck thumbs, chew or suck on skin, or do other behaviors that can cause injury, the combination of mittens and a bodysuit may be the perfect solution.

Flip MItten Body Suit

The all-new Flip Mitten Body is finally off the design table and we’re just about to launch it on the site. We’re so close, in fact, that pre-orders are open now! Click the link below to learn more about this helpful bodysuit…

ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Body

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