Ways To Clean The Air Inside Your Home

One of the leading causes of allergic reactions and irritations is air quality. The good news is that you actually have a lot of control over the cleanliness of air you and your family breathes inside your home! This week we’re sharing some simple tips you can put into practice to make sure that the air in your home is clean and as free from irritating allergens, dust, mold, and pollen as possible.


Make sure that you replace air filters and furnace filters in your home on an annual or even semi-annual basis. It’s amazing how much these air filters trap, and making sure they stay clean can keep lots of irritants out of your air. The furnace and air conditioner filters are the easiest filters to keep up on and usually only cost a few dollars to replace.


That’s right! Having houseplants can dramatically improve the quality of air in your home. Plants are nature’s air purifiers, and bringing them indoors can clean the air, freshen scents, and improve oxygen quality.

Air Purifiers

Now days there are many amazing air purifier models on the market that are easy to clean, affordable to maintain, and simple to use. You can even find air purifiers that don’t need a filter – so you’ll never have to replace anything once you bring your air purifier home!


Adding humidity to the air in your home can help drop pollutants and scrub the air of impurities. Humidified air can also make it easier for you to sleep and wake up without clogged sinuses and lungs!

Product Awareness

Before using room sprays, carpet cleaners, fragrance products, or furniture sprays, make sure that they are free from irritating chemicals or ingredients that may hang around the air in your home for hours or days. Keeping harmful chemicals out of your home can be the best way to prevent allergic reactions, irritations, sensitivities, and outbreaks.


As you can see, it’s easy to create better quality air in your home every day!

If you have a favorite way to keep the air in your home clean, share it with us in the comments section below.

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