Fall Allergies

For many adults and children, the Fall is a time when allergens seem to be their most aggressive. If you find yourself suffering from allergies and discomfort at this time of year, you may be triggered by one of the many common Autumn allergies that are in the air right now.

Even though growing slowing down due to the changing weather, many plants are still releasing pollen to in order to propagate in time for next season. Ragweed is by far the most aggressive pollinator at this time of year, and although it begins its pollination cycle in August, it can last up until the first snow happens.

because of the cool weather, added moisture, shorter days, and changes in humidity, mold seems to be another one of the big fall allergies. Mold finds dark, damp places to live and thrives on the added humid warmth that ends up in homes with the heaters turned on.

Many pests move inside as the weather changes adding new allergens to many homes. From mice to dust mites, this time of year see a strong increase in how many pests take refuge inside where it’s warm.

If you find yourself or your family members dealing with allergies during the Fall season, cleaning may help. Ensure your air filter is in good repair and add a few extra vacuum sessions to your home each week to cut back on pollen and mites. If your allergies get too intense, consult with a specialist who can help you find easy ways to calm them all year long.

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