Simple Ways For Parents To De-Stress

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Simple Ways For Parents To De-Stress

If your a parent, chances are you’ve had ‘those moments’ where you thought your nerves and patience would be lost forever. You’re not alone! Even though you may be an amazing parent, you’re still a human being. Many parents fall short of taking adequate care of themselves because they are so focused on caring for their children. But the truth is that if you take time for you, you’ll be more energized, clear, calm, and patient when it comes time to care for your child.

Here are some simple steps to give yourself a quick rest and rejuvenation anytime you need it…


This may seem silly, but in all actuality taking a few moments to do some deep belly/abdominal breathing can change everything. When we become stressed out or flustered we tend to breathe in a shallow way which only adds to the stress. Taking just a few moments to close your eyes, relax your body, and take deep, slow, smooth breaths using your diaphragm and not your chest or shoulders will give you some fresh energy and will drop your stress level instantly!


Even if you’re on the go all day, your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and tissues may not be as stretched and relaxed as you may think. Taking time for just 3-5 minutes of gentle stretching alongside some calm breathing can flood your body with energy and let your brain know that things are a-ok.


Water plays an important role in how we handle stress. Making sure that you are getting enough clean water throughout the day and not relying too much on coffee, soda, or energy drinks can make you feel amazingly better. Drink water as often as you expect your children to! Think long term hydration.

Get Out

No matter how attached you are to your children, it’s in your best interest – and theirs- that you take time for yourself. Once a week you, have a family or friend sit with your kids so that you can go be by yourself, with friends, or with your partner. Taking time away from home is a great way for you to recharge your batteries, get a fresh perspective, and socialize your children to new people.


Relaxing by methods of massage or reflexology is a wonderful way to release stress and remove toxins. Reflexology is the manipulation or pressure points of the foot. It’s a holistic approach as the foot is a map to the organs and glands that can release our natural inflammatory, cortisone. Or maybe you’d like a simpler approach and practice muscle relaxation.

Always remember that taking care of you is one of the best ways you can take care of your children! How do you de-stress, leave a comment below?

  1. John W
    John W06-28-2014

    Parents often have a hard time taking adequate care of themselves, but there are ways to get around this problem. Mindfulness meditation practice is a proven method. It works if you want to stay clear and calm and promotes stress reduction.

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