Celebrating ScratchMeNot Stars! (Giveaway)

The Journey To Itch & Scratch Free

Celebrating ScratchMeNot Stars! (Giveaway)

Celebrating ScratchMeNot Stars!

In celebration of baby #5, we’re giving away 5-star products we love!

Every Friday in April, we’re giving away prizes to celebrate our newest addition and also to celebrate your little Stars too! As a Thank You for supporting us and allowing us to help your little ones over the years, enter and enjoy each item in this grand giveaway below!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. Gabby Anderson
    Gabby Anderson04-01-2017

    Definitely the ezpz mat

  2. Danielle Petryshyn
    Danielle Petryshyn04-02-2017

    I’m most excited to win the diaper!

  3. Dagmar M
    Dagmar M04-02-2017

    Im excited to win the diaper!

  4. Jacqlyn Gummert
    Jacqlyn Gummert04-02-2017

    I’m excited to win some free fluff!!!

  5. Meaghan

    All the prizes look great, but I would love the Pooters

  6. Carey


  7. Christina McKenzie
    Christina McKenzie04-02-2017

    The scratch me not looks so amazing! I have just heard about this product and my tiny has dagger nails so this would be great for both of us!

  8. Kayla

    Every single one of those prizes is exciting, but I’m very curious to try the silicone plates. They are such a wonderful idea!

  9. Colette

    I’m excited to win any of it. I have young kids of all ages and all of it would help!

  10. Samantha Shively
    Samantha Shively04-04-2017

    Would love to win any of the amazing prizes!

  11. Renee

    I would love to win the fluff! we are expecting our first little one this June and we plan to exclusively cloth diaper! this would be a wonderful addition to our stash. thank you for the chance!

  12. Ashley Martin
    Ashley Martin04-04-2017

    I’m excited to win the Pooters Diapers!

  13. Elizabeth proudfoot
    Elizabeth proudfoot04-05-2017

    Scratch mitts always! Although the kinder keepsakes is super cute!

  14. Marne

    Would love a ScratchMeNot for my eczema baby! Best thing I’ve come across that’s helped so much.

  15. Carey

    Scratchmenots would be the best!

  16. AnaKSantoyo

    I’m excited about all the prizes but especially the ScratchMeNot! My son needs a bigger size now! Pick me!

  17. Rachel Ewen
    Rachel Ewen04-13-2017

    All of these prizes are amazing! I am most excited about the scratch me not because our kiddo only has one and it would be handy to have a second to use while the other is in the wash!

  18. Melinda C.
    Melinda C.04-17-2017

    The ezpz mat!!!

  19. Jenn Payne
    Jenn Payne04-17-2017

    I would love to win any of the prizes but especially the ezpz mat!

  20. Vivian

    The Ezpz mat is what I am most excited to win.

  21. Emma Trimble
    Emma Trimble04-17-2017

    I’m only familiar with ezpz products, so any of these would be awesome to win!

  22. Crystal Sard
    Crystal Sard04-17-2017

    Excited about the EZPZ mats!

  23. Alison V.
    Alison V.04-17-2017

    I am excited about the Kinder Keepsakes

  24. Jessica Orlando
    Jessica Orlando04-17-2017

    Any of these would be great! We love the ezpz mat!

  25. Charity

    Most excited to win the diaper cover!

  26. Lindsey

    I’m excited to win the ezpz mat!!

  27. Jocelyn Paprocki
    Jocelyn Paprocki04-17-2017

    Fingers crossed for the ezpz mat!

  28. melissa a.
    melissa a.04-17-2017

    I’m most excited for the diapers!

  29. Meena nichani
    Meena nichani04-17-2017

    They all look wonderful!!!

  30. Cindy Kong
    Cindy Kong04-17-2017

    Great prizes! I’m excited about the ezpz

  31. Diana Tan
    Diana Tan04-17-2017

    Would love to get the ezpz mat

  32. Amber LaPrelle
    Amber LaPrelle04-17-2017

    I’m excited to win EZPZ for my little guy who is just starting to eat finger foods!

  33. Donna

    I would love to win the ezpz mat.

  34. Chris

    Ezpz mat for the win!

  35. Susan

    I would love to win the scratch me nots.

  36. John

    I would to win the ezpz mat.

  37. Chelsey Bennett
    Chelsey Bennett04-17-2017

    I’d really love the EZPZ mat

  38. Joy Bowen
    Joy Bowen04-17-2017

    All these prizes look amazing, but I would love an ezpz mat for my little guy.

  39. Theresa J
    Theresa J04-17-2017

    I love the Luvi animal blanket

  40. Nicole Riley
    Nicole Riley04-17-2017

    I’d love to win any of them! Ezpezy would be my firsr vote though. Thank you for the opportunity! ☺

  41. Jason Bohan
    Jason Bohan04-17-2017

    scratchmenots are neat

  42. Allyson

    Great giveaway! I love the happy mat!

  43. Laurin C
    Laurin C04-17-2017

    I’d love to win the ezpz mat!!

  44. Staci A
    Staci A04-17-2017

    The ezpz Happy Mat looks amazing!

  45. olga

    I’m excited to win any of the prizes. Kinder Keepsakes Luvi Blanket would be amazing to surprise my little one.

  46. Beth Rees
    Beth Rees04-17-2017

    I would love the epz mat or the diaper

  47. Casey

    Happy mat, but any would be very much appreciated!

  48. christina kim
    christina kim04-18-2017

    i would love to win any of the prizes

  49. Gabby Anderson
    Gabby Anderson04-18-2017

    I’m most excited about the ezpz mat

  50. Lexy Overstreet Broome
    Lexy Overstreet Broome04-18-2017

    I’m excited to win the ezpz mat

  51. Shereen abuali
    Shereen abuali04-19-2017

    Ezpz mat is so awesome !!! Would love to win that

  52. Donna

    Definitely the EZPZ mat but also would love to try about the bambini stuff! I already have the Scratch Me Not mittens. Thankfully, my baby girl’s eczema is gone but she wore those mittens for such a long time they have become like her security blanket. She can’t fall asleep without the mittens on!

  53. Leslie

    Both the ezpz may and bamboo buddy would be my favs/most useful

  54. Amanda gonzalez
    Amanda gonzalez04-24-2017

    Any and all …I love all the products

  55. Kimberley Falland
    Kimberley Falland04-25-2017

    I would love to win any of the bambini stuff as I’ve already got bamboo bubby for my kids and they are awesome!!

  56. Donna Singleton
    Donna Singleton04-25-2017

    The scratch me. It’s are amazing but would love to try the EZPZ mat

  57. Carey

    The ezpz mat or scratchmenots!

  58. Ashley

    Probably most excited about pooters! I love all my pooter diapers !

  59. Karla

    Super Awesome prizes, I wouod love to win the sleepsack!!!

  60. Julie Gray
    Julie Gray04-29-2017

    What a great giveaway! Diaper is cute!

  61. Oceana

    Thank you for doing one more giveaway

  62. Latrice

    Scratchmenot sleeves!

  63. Carey

    Ezpz mat and scratchmenots

  64. Dee Lee
    Dee Lee05-01-2017

    I would love to win the ezpz mat.

  65. Chris S.
    Chris S.05-01-2017

    I want to win the scratchmenots for my little one.

  66. Susan

    I would love the scratchmenots!

  67. John

    Ezpz mat would be a great item to win.

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