Safe Snacks For School Treats

The Journey To Itch & Scratch Free

Safe Snacks For School Treats

If your kids are like mine, they get so excited about special days at school where there will be treats! I love volunteering to bring goodies, but sometimes it can seem completely overwhelming to figure out what’s safe for everyone in my child’s class. My kids have special dietary needs so I totally understand how important it all is – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be confusing and even frustrating at times. Recently, I’ve been creating a bit of a resource guide for myself so that the next time I’m in charge of bringing treats I won’t have to read a million labels or make some obscure recipe in my kitchen. Make sure to bookmark these links and write down this information – it’ll save you lots of stress next time your child’s class has a party!

The Essentials

Here’s what I’ve found when it comes to making treats that most all kids can enjoy: go vegan, gluten-free, nut-free. That may sound really complex but these days it’s super easy!

No matter what you make or bring, just ensure that you use dairy replacements or no dairy at all, stay away from all gluten, and opt out of nuts. This pretty much covers most all of the common allergies and sensitivities kids may have. In rare cases there may be someone in your child’s class who has a really specific allergy, in that case, just adjust your choices as needed.

Here are a few places to get easy kitchen recipes for cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and more that are all free from gluten, dairy, and nuts…—celebration-recipes/back-to-school-recipes/allergy-free-treats-for-kids

Keep in mind that not all of the recipes on the sites listed above will be completely allergy free. Always read the ingredients list and use the internet to find creative replacements where needed.

Pre-Made Allergy-Free Snacks

On my hunt I was able to find a really helpful PDF that shows the most common allergy-free brands and items on the market. This list is by no means perfect or exhaustive, but it helped me narrow down my choices!

Download it to your phone so that you have it with you anytime you need it.

What’s Cooking?

Do you have a favorite treat you make for your child’s class that’s free from dairy, gluten, and nuts? Share it with us in the comments below!

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