pH and Eczema

As we learn more and more about diet, we’re finding that the pH of the body may just have a huge influence on the health of the immune system – which relates directly to eczema. New findings suggest that an acidic pH could lead to greater inflammation, hyperactive immune responses, and less effective self-healing – all things we need to worry about when eczema shows up. So, considering the pH balance of the body and the skin, as well as the type of alkalinity and acidity we get in our diets could lead to a whole lot of simple healing for countless imbalances.


Today, I’d like to share a few ideas with you that relate to pH, alkaline body states, and skin issues like eczema and allergies. We’ll be looking at the foods that can help create a healthier pH state within the body and we’ll be looking at why this is so important overall.

Acid Environments

When our bodies lean towards the acidic pH, a whole host of issues can crop up. Acidity can lead to early degeneration of bodily functions, loss of vital energy, inflammation, more free radical production, mood issues, and lots more. Acidity is not the natural state of the body, so when we eat highly acidic foods and change our pH, these negative health issues feel right at home.

Alkaline Environments

An alkaline body is life supporting and more natural for the body. It’s interesting to note that alkalyzing foods are the same ‘superfoods’ we’re told to eat all the time by health and diet professionals! An alkaline body is calm, close to our natural pH state, less inflamed, more fluid balanced, and more energetic.

pH and Eczema

Eczema is a combination of immune response and inflammation. When we eat a highly acidic diet, we’re creating the perfect environment for inflammation cycles to persist and for immune systems to over-react to harmless environmental factors. The more we get away from acidity, the more the body may be able to stop inflammation, edema, infection, and immune issues.


The Most Alkaline Foods

These foods are known for being highly alkaline, and for helping the body get back to a state of healthy pH…





Bell Peppers


You can see comprehensive lists at the following websites…

Energise Alkaline Diet Blog



Alkaline Sisters


Try to add more alkaline foods and less acidic foods to your diet and see what changes take place… you may be surprised at how far small diet changes like this can take you!

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