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"I just had to share this with you...I really can't thank you enough as the ScratchMeNot Flip Mittens combined with a new ointment changed our lives for the best!!" -Nicole

…It’s More Than Just Itchy Skin!

Epi-Pen for Schools Program by Mylan

——–Epipen for schools program by Mylan will continue below this recall update. EPIPEN & EPIPEN JR Voluntarily Recalled on March 31, 2017.  If you have an EpiPen or EpiPen Jr affected by the recall, please contact your pharmacist or doctor to return and receive a replacement. The following lots were affected: ——–EpiPen for schools program by Mylan! Allergies and anaphylactic reactions are on the rise. With so many children affected, schools need to be prepared in case of an emergency. Mylan Specialty has launched a program to help make EpiPens more accessible within schools through their program. The program gives schools Read More

No Candy for Valentines Day? No problem! – A food-free holiday

Valentine’s Day is typically filled with sugary dessert and candy. Lots of candy. For a child with allergies, it’s so much easier (and a relief) to celebrate activities with fun games, toys and activities. Need visuals or pictures? Look at our No Food/Candy- Valentine Crafts board on Pinterest 🙂 I especially love the Emoji faces and Minion hearts! O here’s another a quick list: Friendship Bracelets Card Exchange Bubbles Small Noise Makers Stickers (who doesn’t LOVE stickers) Pencil Eraser Decorations Mini-Books Mini Balls Art Projects or Crafts Notebooks Kiddie Tattoos Don’t forget to look at our list on Pinterest: No Food/Candy- Valentine Crafts Read More

Distracting a child from scratching

Many times with young children with eczema, parents have to be creative in distracting their child from scratching. It can be very difficult when the child is an infant, as there are fewer ways to distract a baby. Distracting from Scratching The main way to distract your little one from scratching is by keeping the mind and fingers occupied, for instance: Expose your baby to toys that help develop motor skills, such as blocks or fitting big pieces of puzzles. This has the benefits of both intellectual and physical development. Engage your baby in music, arts or dance. For younger children, Read More

Chicken Pox: 8 Must Haves to keep your sanity!

What started off as excitement for the upcoming winter holidays, turned into a big ball of stress mess! Apparently, my husband had been under more stress than he alluded to when he suddenly broke out into  shingles. Yes, typically shingles affects seniors, yet those affected recently are younger and younger. Shingles hit our home and quickly spread to the kids. For the past 5 weeks, we’ve been battling itchy skin on a new level. Here’s the top 8 things we couldn’t (and didn’t want) to be without! 1. ScratchMeNots! I thought eczema was bad, yet chicken pox on top of eczema takes itchy Read More

Limit scratching damage

Despite a parent’s best efforts, your little one may still find ways to scratch and is often very ‘resourceful’. Limiting Scratching Damage To keep skin damage bay: Keep your baby’s nails short Wear ScratchMeNot mittens; Babies and young children with eczema are very good at removing the traditional mittens as the itch is unbearable – consider getting mittens specially designed for them which are harder to remove Wear long-sleeve light cotton clothing designed for eczema children – for instance, they are made with materials that have undergone chemical testing, gentle, with labels and seams on the outside For young children, parents can help to take Read More