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"I just had to share this with you...I really can't thank you enough as the ScratchMeNot Flip Mittens combined with a new ointment changed our lives for the best!!" -Nicole

…It’s More Than Just Itchy Skin!


What is that? How does it start? When does the madness end? Does it end? These are some of the many questions that cloud parents’ minds after their child has been diagnosed with eczema. If you have never experienced eczema before, it can be shocking to see the inflammed patches take over your little ones body. And the scratching can be literally nonstop! Not to mention, the bewildered looks from strangers looking at your child’s skin. So what’s a parent to do?   So what exactly is eczema? Eczema goes far beyond dry skin or a bit of an itch. Read More

Busy Mommy Likes ScratchMeNots! by Tessy Fishburn of BusyMommyLikes

My little brother has a scar on his cheek near his eye. He has had it since he was a few days old and scratched himself.I have a fear of my kids doing the same thing. What is it with pissed off babies trying to claw their faces off!? Read Full Read More


It was hard to hold it all in, but …. The NEW ScratchMeNot Classic is almost here! ScratchMeNot Tinies and Tots are now apart of  ScratchMeNot Classic to make room for more styles in the future! Remember our Great Holiday Giveaway? We will be honoring those suggestions throughout the next few months! We are starting with 2 new colors! Wild Thing Green &  Pink Firefly. All of our colors and prints are limited edition. New colors will be offered continuously. Our ScratchMeNot Classics are still made of Bamboo, Cotton and Silk and now a touch of Lycra. We’ve found a higher quality Bamboo Read More


In the US, the American cow has taken over. We are addicted to dairy: cheese, yogurt, and especially milk. Yet, having a toddler with dairy allergies can prove to be challenging unless you’re open to new ideas and flavors. Today’s technologies and innovations has given us many alternative options: rice, soy, almond and goats milk. New to some and known to others, I’ve recently come across hemp milk. There are pros and cons to any milk outside of breastmilk. Will it have enough nutrients? Is it medically healthy? Does it contain omega-3 and 6s? Is it safe? What are the Read More