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…It’s More Than Just Itchy Skin!

Easy ways to reduce scratching

Tips to reduce scratching in eczema babies and young kids Having eczema is tough, whether for babies, young kids or adults. Atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that is characterized by itch (pruritus). This itch, and the constant need to scratch, severely affects the quality of life of both children and parents. Unfortunately, it is not easy to control itch and for babies, it can be extremely difficult (if not outright impossible!) to communicate not to scratch and explain the damage brought on from scratching. Scratching and its Damaging Effects Scratching can lead to Read More

Cabin Fever – Indoor Fun!

“Mom, we’re bored. There’s nothing to do!” How many moms worldwide cringe at those words every day? Those words are especially bothersome when the day is a snow day and school has been cancelled…again. You are trapped in a tiny box with four walls and kids who want out. Help! With the crazy winter/spring we’ve been experiencing, it’s sometimes impossible to let the kids go outside to play. So what can you do to occupy their minds and burn off some energy? Something that will allow you to keep your sanity? Well, try these hints below to start. It all Read More

Caring for sick and healthy children at the same time!

Sniffling. Then a fever. Perhaps nausea. Oh no! One of the kids are sick. Now what? As a parent of a sick child, caring for a sick child is the most important thing on your mind. Keep the child hydrated. Medicate for fever and symptoms. Try to make the child comfortable. All of these things can keep you hopping. But what if you are a parent to more than one child? Your troubles have just doubled…or tripled. How can you keep your little one from spreading the bug to the other children? How are you going to clean up accidents and Read More

Is it ringworm or eczema?

Rashes are hard to deal with, especially if they look similar to other skin conditions. This particular incident made me question, “Is it ringworm or eczema?” Our first bought of eczema was with my first daughter. Her eczema was on every joint, it had no rhyme or reason. Her eczema was red & inflamed, then transitioned to extra thick, dry, blotchy skin that would eventually discolor as it healed. It looked like typical eczema I saw when I googled images online. My youngest, on the other hand, has some peculiar circular rashes on her trunk that weren’t healing like her other Read More

Why does scratching feel so good?

We’ve all been there.  You start scratching an itch and you just can’t stop. Scratching feels so good!  Recent research is now giving us a better understanding of why that is the case.  Dr. Gil Yosipovitch, a leader in itch research and Chair of Temple University Dermatology, used MRI brain imaging to study differences in the brain when patients either scratched themselves (“active scratching”) or when someone else scratched for them (“passive scratching”).  They showed that yes, scratching activates regions in the brain known to induce pleasure.  Furthermore, active scratching led to activation of areas of the brain associated with both increased pleasure Read More