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Sensory Processing Disorder ( SPD) – Sensory Diet

The sensory diet may prove to be a great diet for any child. Upon first glance, it’s easy to assume that the word diet is food related. However in the Sensory Processing Disorder ( SPD ), I’ve come to see that this sensory diet is a diet of individualized activities catered to help a child function better in various environments. Typically these diets are created by occupational therapists with the child and family’s needs in mind. The goal of the “sensory diet is a simple way to expose a child a well balanced set of activities to reach an optimal Read More

Reboot: My kid’s diet

It’s a crazy world of juggling a family, business and a host of responsibilities and it’s time to reboot my kids diet. I find myself in a rut with what to feed my family. Lately, I’ve noticed our staple meals include a lot of starches. To the point of my son asking for rice for breakfast! Purchasing the 50lb bag of rice from Costco may not have been the best decision in hindsight. While I’m able to steer clear our family’s food allergies quite easily, I admit I’ve become complacent by eating a lopsided diet. We definitely eat our veggies & meat, Read More

This Family Does It Again! Holderness Singing!

I am a fan of the Holderness family since “Christmas Jammies” and they do it again with their rendition of the song “Tootsie Roll”. Take a look & sing along! You’ll smile every time you see a “Candy Bowl”!   Read More

Kid’s With Eczema Now Have An Empowering Song

Our friends at The Eczema Company & Kyle Dine, food allergy singer/song writer, have collaborated to create a song just for kids dealing with eczema! This song was made to encourage our kids that they will continue to fight and win as they continue on this journey. Eczema is already painful and stressful enough! It can really get kids down, while parents worry and stress about how to provide their child with relief. We hope that this song will keep encourage and empower the whole family! May this song make your eczema routines a bit easier to manage and may Read More

Easy Ways to Reduce the itch

Reducing the Itch Despite good skincare for eczema, the itch sensation may still be felt. Slow moving progress towards getting rid of the pesky itch can be a challenge. We’ve come up with a few easy ways to reduce the itch. There are many studies on medication and itch chemicals within our bodies that doctors use to help us understand how to reduce or block the itch. In order to reduce the itch, we must stop the itch-scratch cycle. Apply a cool compress on the eczema skin patch, which can temporarily ‘numb’ the itch “Dry brush” to slough off dead skin. This not only removes dead Read More