Mom’s Sick… What Now?

We’ve all dealt with this. A busy day, energized kids, and a whole list of things to do and what happens? We get sick!

Being sick is one of the worst things that can happen to a parent because it stops the whole day dead in its tracks and makes it really hard to focus on the things we need to get done. As parents, we also tend to not get the rest and relaxation we need when we’re sick because we’ve got so much to do and little ones who need our constant supervision. Many parents experience being sick for longer than other people because they aren’t able to do the self care and take the rest that the body needs to heal itself. The good news is that there are some creative work-arounds you can use to feel better fast while keeping a watchful and active eye on your children.

You Need Help!

One of the hardest things for any parent to do is ask for help. We’re proud of our kids and our ability to be great parents, and we don’t want other people (especially our parents!) to think that we can’t handle it. I think that getting sick is a living lesson in learning how to ask for help and not taking it personally.

If you get sick, it’s time to call in the troops and rally up your support group. Ask neighbors for play dates at their house, call the grandparents, book an extra day with the babysitter, or recruit nieces and nephews for help. The more help you get, the faster you can feel great again.

Relax The Rules

If you’ve got rules in place about how long your kids can watch TV, play games, or interact with certain toys, this might be the perfect time to bend the rules. You have to be at your very best to help your kids be at their very best – so letting them indulge in some extra TV time when you’re sick isn’t such a big deal. If it gives you the extra down time you need to feel better, it’s worth it!

Mix It Up

If your kids tend to have an attention span that needs lots of TLC, try pulling out a variety of arts and crafts supplies and letting them take it from there. Give them a varied selection of things to work with and you may be surprised at just how long it keeps them busy!

Let Someone Else Cook

Cooking and food preparation are often the most time consuming and energy draining tasks we have as parents. When you’re sick, it’s not the time to beat yourself up over a less than perfect meal. Call for delivery, ask someone to pick up takeout on their way home, or rely on simpler meals that get the job done. If you focus on healthy meals most of the time, the occasional ‘family cheat day’ won’t make a big impact.

Take Care Of YOU

Make sure that if you need to see a doctor you make it happen. Stay on top of all medications you are given. Make sure you get time for warm showers or hot baths, naps, and good foods. Drink plenty of water and follow up with your health care provider as needed. As caretaker of your family, they need you to be in the best of health!


Do you have any creative ideas that help keep things sane when you’re sick?
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