Food Allergies Just Got Fun!

The Journey To Itch & Scratch Free

Food Allergies Just Got Fun!
The BugaBees

I am so thrilled about the release of the new app ‘The Bugabees’. This delightful game helps kids learn in a fun and colorful what foods they should avoid due to allergies. While kids learn about what to avoid, they are also being shown healthy, non-allergic alternatives that help them feel empowered so that they can still enjoy treats without the worry.

The foods that The BugaBees characters help your child explore fall into the 8 most common food allergen groups:




Tree Nut



Milk Fish

These 8 types of food allergies make up about 90% of all those found in kids, so this app will be applicable to just about every food allergy case out there.

While your children plays with the fun and friendly BugaBees characters, they’ll be getting empowerment and learning about how to make healthy food choices. This app could be a real blessing for any parents since it can help kids learn to care for themselves earlier on. One of the biggest stresses that parents of kids with allergies face is the constant need to monitor and check the foods their children are exposed to. Imagine having kids who are well trained and empowered about the food choices they can safely make – and knowing how to communicate those things with others!

The BugaBees are super cute, and the app is really fun to play for adults and kids! It’s available on iPad, Android, and Nook, and it just won an honor from the Mom’s Choice Awards!

To learn more about The BugaBees app, click here.

To download your copy now, just search for ‘The BugaBees’ on your app store.

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