Challenge: Topical or Internal?

As I’ve been researching various skin issues that attack babies, toddlers and adults. I’ve come to this same question over and over again: Topical or Internal? America has been indirectly trained to follow this vicious cycle:

Ailment —> Doctor’s appointment —> Prescription (cream or pills) = Problem solved….temporarily

Most likely the ailment comes back and we begin the cycle all over again.  It’s no secret that the healthcare industry gives a lot of prescriptions to handle the symptoms instead of getting to the root of the problem. I’ve decided to come out of the fog to return to our grassroots of natural remedies and lifestyle changes.

A 30 Day Challenge (Deep breath)

Thirty days of ….. LoW sUgAr & LoW sTaRcH meals. Hear the excitement?  I’m avoiding my favorite food groups (dessert and fries). They say the body is trying to tell us that our insides are off balance, out of whack and in need of a tune up! I’m going to find out how true this is.After all diet is the foundation of our health.

By removing, or reducing significantly, my favorite foods, I’m hoping this will this help:

Dandruff, dry skin, aches and fatigue

Here’s to 30 days of a new life! Leave a comment and tell us about your food changes.

1 thought on “Challenge: Topical or Internal?”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I totally agree with you about the protocol when you go to dr office. Often times skin issues are a “Sympton” of what’s going on internally, not an “issue” that needs to be treated. Thanks for raising this issue!

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