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The Secret To Safe Co-Sleeping When Eczema Flares Up

If scratching and irritation are keeping your child up at night or causing them to do damage to their sensitive skin while they sleep, co-sleeping may be a great option for you. While I really tried to avoid sharing my bed with a tossing, turning little one, I found to be a really effective and helpful option when things got rough. Co-sleeping has a ton of positive benefits, and it can be done safely without a lot of hassle if you’ve got the basics down. Today I’ll be sharing with you why this is such a great option for many Read More

Got questions? Get answers from a leading Dermatologist!

Any questions about eczema or itchy skin? You may have read about Jennifer’s success with Cln BodyWash for her son with severe eczema. We’ve talked to the doctors behind CLn BodyWash and one of the founders is Dr. Cockerell, an internationally renowned Dermatologist and Dermatopathologist. He has offered our readers a chance to have your questions about itchy skin answered by him! We are accepting the FIRST 20 questions from readers, like you. Dr. Cockerell will PERSONALLY answer during National Eczema Awareness Month! We are accepting questions until October 29, 2012!! Questions will be answered between Oct 30-Nov 6th! Write your Read More