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The Dangers Of Chronic Scratching

There are many reasons why children scratch from allergies to stimulation behaviors. No matter what the cause is, however, the results can be the same. Many kids who scratch without treatment end up with cuts, infections, and even scars that can lead to some pretty serious problems. If your child is dealing with itching and scratching for any reason, it’s important that the issue not be left alone and that you handle it as quickly as possible. The good news is that there are many simple and effective solutions to help put an end to troublesome scratching without all the Read More

What Causes Eczema In Children?

When parents find out that their child has eczema, it can often be a confusing time with many questions. Eczema tends to be a hard issue to pin down, and when it comes to children, things can seem even more complicated. The good news is that modern science has given us many clear answers about what children’s eczema is, what causes it, and what we as parents can do to keep it under control. Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, is believed to be a combination of a sensitive immune system and an issue with the skin’s natural barrier. Many leading Read More

Don’t Be Rash! Simple Ways To Prevent And Treat Baby Rashes This Summer

When it comes to preventing baby rash, there are many all natural options you have this summer! Heat, humidity, extra time playing, and exposure to the elements can all increase you child’s chances of dealing with diaper rash, sweat rash, or heat rash – so being prepared will make sure that baby rash doesn’t blot out your summer fun! The best place to start when it comes to avoiding rashes is with your washer. Make sure that you are using all natural laundry soaps that are hypo-allergenic and are gentle to sensitive skin. When your child sweats, wets, or gets Read More

Taking The Itch Out Of Mosquito Bites

Whether we like it or not, mosquitoes are out in full swarm for the season. This is time of year when playing children and up coming home with itchy bumps that can be a real nuisance. The good news is that this season you can treat children’s mosquito bites quickly and easily in a way that helps prevent scratching, irritation, and infection! The first thing to keep in mind when your child has one or several mosquito bites is that they are an inflammation. This means that getting rid of the swelling can help drastically cut back on the itching Read More

Your Scratching Baby – Tips For Soothing Skin And Stopping The Itch

One of the most frustrating situations any parent can be faced with is a baby who scratches. There are many causes for itchy skin, but sometimes it can seem like a true mystery to figure out just what’s behind the irritation your baby is dealing with. The good news is that there are some general treatments and techniques that may help alleviate or at least cut down on the itchy skin that causes your baby to scratch. Scratching is a natural response The first thing to keep in mind is that if your baby scratches – there’s a reason for Read More