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Easy No-Tomato Sauce Recipe

No Tomato Sauce
Many parents are trying to cut back their use of tomatoes due to acidity, allergies, inflammation, and taste. While tomatoes have some pretty impressive health benefits, they may not be the right food choice for everyone – plus I love switching things up a bit here and there to flex my culinary muscles and give my family a new food experience. After a long hunt. I finally tracked down a really good ‘nomato sauce’ that tastes excellent and combines some of the veggies that my family likes best. This sauce can be played with to suit your specific taste, and Read More

Desensiziting Food Allergies

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately about overcoming food allergens. I had heard about food allergy desensitizing a while back but hadn’t paid much attention to it until I stumbled across a few reviews and some success stories online. I even met a friendly police officer at Starbucks who directed me to a local allergist after her son had been successful desensitized from an anaphylactic nut allergy. While desensitizing from food allergies may not work for everyone, it’s a very powerful and effective treatment that’s gaining more and more respect and users across the world. To me, the Read More

Names Of Allergens You May Not Know

If you’re a parent of a child with allergies like I am, chances are you’re also a label reader. Knowing your child’s triggers in foods and body care products can make life a whole lot easier. Avoiding these ingredients can be the difference between a good week and a week filled with constant itching and irritation. When my little one was first diagnosed with sensitivities to food, I became the queen of reading labels! I would scan pretty much everything I gave my child for those ingredients that I knew were troublesome –but sometimes things were still rough. It turns out Read More

How Long Do Fruits & Veggies Last?

How Long Do Fruits & Veggies Last?
I try to go above and beyond to make sure that my kids get as many fresh fruits and veggies as I can coax them to eat. I am always picking up organic produce and looking for the most vibrant and beautiful veggies at the store – and I have found that the more of these good foods I get in my kids’ diet the better everything goes from eczema flare-ups to overall mood and sleep. When I first started bringing home more fresh fruits and vegetables, I noticed that when we weren’t able to eat them all some of Read More

The Best Food Allergy Journal Apps

If you’re trying to identify the hidden cause of an ongoing allergic reaction in your or your child, food is always the best place to start looking – and there’s no better way to figure out which foods are causing trouble than keeping a food allergy journal. Many experts recommend keeping a food journal to help make connections between the foods we eat and the allergic responses that show up – and the results of doing this can be really surprising! People have used allergy food journals to discover that specific foods trigger eczema flare ups, migraine headaches, itchy eyes, Read More