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Soap and Dermatitis – Giveaway post!

You have all heard the rumor. You know, the one about dermatitis and soap. It goes something like this: “Never use soap if you have eczema. It is too harsh.” “Soap will make your dermatitis worse.” “Soap will only dry your skin out more.” “You will get insanely itchy if you use soap.” And the list goes on and on and on. The fact of the matter is that yes, some but not all soaps, can exacerbate any skin condition, eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis included. Let’s back up for a second, shall we? In general people who have dermatitis Read More

Gluten & Allergy Free Grains

It’s coming to be that time of year again when we crave hearty grains and warmer foods to celebrate the Fall and Winter. If you’re part of a family where allergies, gluten sensitivities, or other dietary concerns exist, you may be wondering which grains are a good choice for your family this year. We’ve compiled a list to help make it easy! The following grains DO CONTAIN GLUTEN and may aggravate allergies more than others… Wheat Barley Rye Spelt Kamut Durum Semolina Farro Bulgar Triticale The following grains DO NOT CONTAIN GLUTEN and may aggravate allergies less than others… Amaranth Buckwheat Corn Millet Oats Quinoa Rice Sorghum Read More

Allergy Safe Foods

If you’re working with children who have allergies, are working to find out which foods are causing a child’s allergies, or are interested in eating more low-allergen foods, you’ll love this list of foods! There are many hypoallergenic foods (meaning ‘low allergens’) that taste great and can be used to make all kinds of amazing recipes. Although these foods may not be 100% allergen free for all people, they are believed to be the ‘safest’ foods and the easiest to rule out as allergy inducers. These are also great starter foods for babies and toddlers! For starter foods, it’s best to introduce Read More

The Other Butter- Peanut Butter Alternatives

I shall call it the “Other Butter’. Peanut Butter Alternatives Have you tried any? There’s mixed controversy over whether schools who have banned peanut butter, should allow alternative butters, which could be mistaken for peanut butter, be allowed on school grounds. But controversy aside, let’s talk taste. Do they really match up? My daughter has never had the pleasure of eating peanut butter or even bothered to pay attention when others eat it. So it had to be a little strange to watch mom put brown spread on her cracker today. She was part amused and part nervous to try Read More

Children, Allergies, And Eyedrops

If you’re a parent who has children that deal with allergies, you may have struggled with your child’s itchy eyes. The eyes are an extremely sensitive and delicate organ and have to be treated with care. The problem is that many children scratch and rub their eyes and don’t realize how much damage they may be doing. There are countless eye drops on the market that are meant to help relieve itchy, dry, red, or irritated eyes – but are they safe for kids? And what are the best ways to apply eye drops to your child’s eyes? SAFETY The Read More