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MSG Allergies In Children

Chances are you’ve heard of adults with MSG allergies or sensitivities, but did you know that up to 2% of children deal with MSG allergies – and in many cases these sensitivities go completely without diagnosis? MSG is a flavor enhancer that is used in all kinds of cuisine and prepared foods. Some forms of MSG are extracted from plants, while most forms are synthetic. In any case, many people find that their bodies simply cannot tolerate the use of MSG. Some of the most common symptoms of an MSG allergy in children include: Numbness of the neck and back Headaches/migraines Weakness, drowsiness, and Read More

The Anti-Inflammatory Solution

When it comes to allergies, eczema, or many irritating skin conditions, a body in a state of inflammation can make everything worse. Inflammation happens when the body reacts to something it feels threatened by. When we cut ourselves  the area becomes inflamed as fresh blood and various parts of our immune system rush to the area, seal it off, and start the healing process. When inflammation happens within the tissues of our body due to allergic reactions or dietary issues, the effects can be long lasting and show up in ways we may never have thought possible. Acne, eczema, rashes, allergies, irritations, mood Read More

Natural Options For Allergy Relief

Recently, Everyday Health posted an amazing article showing some of the most gentle and effective natural therapies for allergy relief. One of the reasons why we loved this article is that they took time to explain how natural allergy solutions can help a person bypass the frustrating side effects that can come from conventional allergy treatments. Some of the more popular forms of all natural allergy therapies being used these days, and begin explored on the Everyday Health site, include the use of neti pots and nasal irrigation methods, herbal support such as the famous butterbur plant, and even foods Read More

Leaky Gut & Eczema

If you’ve got eczema in your life, you’re probably well aware that a variety of allergies and sensitivities can aggravate or even cause eczema outbreaks and irritations. Because of the connection to diet, sensitivities, and food allergies, many nutrition specialists and eczema researchers have been looking at leaky gut syndrome to see if there’s a correlation – and the results may surprise you. Leaky gut syndrome happens when the intestinal tract becomes permeable and allows substances, especially toxins, into the blood. A normally functioning intestinal tract will prevent anything but filtered nutrients, protein, and water from getting into the blood Read More

Elimination Diet 101 + Top 8 Allergens

Have you ever felt that you may have a food allergy, but aren’t sure how to figure out which foods cause you problems? There’s something empowering that comes from knowing which foods are problematic to your individual system because you can avoid them and prevent yourself from getting sick or feeling the effects of an allergic reaction. The elimination diet is a great way to figure out the exact foods that don’t work for you so that you can cut them out of your life and prevent yourself from dealing with mild to severe allergic reactions on a daily basis. Read More