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Cooling The Heat Of Eczema Inflammation

Did you know that one of the biggest reasons why eczema is painful, itchy, and prone to infections is inflammation? When the skin and tissues under the affected area become inflamed, the real problems begin. Fighting inflammation can lead to a huge decrease in eczema issues, and today I’m going to share a few ‘do it yourself’ ideas for soothing and cooling the heat of eczema inflammation. These all-natural remedies might be a great alternative to steroids or strong topical creams for your child, so try them out and see how they work for you! Cooling Cucumber Wash Cucumbers are Read More

Breastfeeding : Allergies, Eczema, and Immunity

When babies are born their systems have little to no idea about the many allergens and toxins in the world they now live in. Nursing is a great way for mom’s immune system to train the baby’s about just how to deal with everything from ragweed and pollen to infections and the common cold. Because of this training, breastfeeding plays an integral role in the way that baby may react to bouts of eczema, birth allergies, and even in how well their immune system develops as a whole. If you’re a new mom and have chosen to breastfeed – this Read More

Healthy Oil Alternatives

Many experts believe that the wrong kind of oil can contribute to inflammation cycles, toxicity, odd food flavors, and lost nutrients. When it comes to cooking, the right oils can make all the difference both in how they work with the foods you create and how they nourish and work with the body. Children who have food sensitivities are particularly susceptible to bad oils, so it’s a good idea to look at what you use in your kitchen and to learn more about how simple oil changes can lead to drastic health improvements. Today we’re going explore several healthy oil alternatives to common Read More

Allergy Free Breakfast

Experts agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day for kids and adults alike, but what do you do when your child is sensitive or even allergic to many of the common grain, nut, and dairy based breakfast items? The good news is that there are many healthy, simple, tasty things you can share with your family every day to give them a good start on the day while staying away from aggravating their allergies or sensitivities. Today, we’re going to explore just a few great alternatives that the kids and adults in your family are sure Read More

Soy Milk Alternatives

soy milk alternatives
Many families work hard to avoid dairy milk due to sensitivities, allergies, inflammatory issues, or a dislike of the taste or texture. We are so fortunate because the market right now provides us with  many alternatives that seem to be healthier. Soy milk is one of the most popular cow’s milk alternatives, but what can people do who have allergies or sensitivities to soy? What are the best soy milk alternatives, and how do various kinds of milks compare? Let’s explore! Cow’s Milk Regular milk is processed and pasteurized in most locations. It comes from cows, and often contains antibiotics and hormones Read More