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The Real Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Benefits Chocolate
I’ll admit it – I love chocolate! There’s something about the taste and texture that makes the perfect treat, and like most people I was thrilled when I found out that chocolate actually; has some pretty impressive health benefits. Today, I’d like to share some of the most popular health benefits of chocolate with you that I’ve found, and inspire you to use this sweet treat as a way to de-stress detox, and power up whenever you need it most. For moms, this has to be one of the best snacks ever! Heart Smart It turns out that real chocolate Read More

Healthy & Delicious Bread Alternatives

Wheat Free Bread Recipe
If your family is like mine, bread is pretty much the most popular food in the kitchen. We absolutely love bread – and it’s one of the most common foods we crave throughout the week. The problem is that wheat is an issue for some of the members of my family. We find that staying away from it is better for our health and relieves a lot of the issues we have with eczema and allergies. These amazing benefits of going wheat-free are too great to ignore, but we still love our bread! To help us all have our bread Read More

Preparing For Kids’ Birthday Parties The Easy Way

Birthday season is upon us, and allergies always seem to take the fun out of it. Whether your child has allergies and sensitivities or the birthday child does, it makes partying a little more complicated and puts a few extra considerations on the table. My kids have allergies and eczema so I have to keep a watchful eye on what they eat – especially at birthday parties. I also know lots of families who have kids with allergies which means I have to go the extra mile to provide treats that everyone can enjoy. The Treat Dilemma The number one Read More

Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Bad Thing

If your family is like mine, eating a restricted diet is just a normal, everyday routine. Keeping kids away from foods that aggravate their eczema while trying to eat well myself means that the number of foods we have to choose from seems to shrink all the time. At this point, I’m pretty confident about the ‘safe foods’ that work for my family – but I’ve noticed something recently. My shopping list is typically made up of the same set items week after week, and that concerned me. Variety is the spice of life – and the body needs variety Read More

My Favorite Vegan Pancake Recipes

Who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast? These delicious goodies have been a staple in many homes for years because they’re filling, easy to customize for picky eaters, and they can even be really easy to make if you get your batter done up in advance. I love all things bread – and pancakes are a great way to get the comfort in a variety of fin ways. I am a big fan of making things in advance and taking full advantage of my freezer. Pancake batter is one of those things that can be created in bulk, stored in a Read More