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"I just had to share this with you...I really can't thank you enough as the ScratchMeNot Flip Mittens combined with a new ointment changed our lives for the best!!" -Nicole

…It’s More Than Just Itchy Skin!

ScratchMeNot Photo Contest Voting Is NOW OPEN

NEW! ScratchMeNot Photo Contest We are happy to announce that voting is NOW OPEN. Many have entered the ScratchMeNot Photo Contest for the chance of winning free ScratchMeNot baby apparel. This brand is loved by parents around the world. So,what better way to spread the word than by our very own customers sporting this amazing product? “What are the winners awarded?” you may ask. First Place Prize: receives a featured spot on our blog telling your story on Eczema360, 1 free Plump Babywear, 2 free ScratchMeNot’s, and free shipping until January 1, 2012 Second Place Prize: 1 free ScratchMeNot of Read More

On the hunt for the perfect party food!

Party planning for a group of kids is a challenge. Party planning for a group of kids, in which some have diet restrictions, is a fun challenge! Goal: Make sure everyone is given food they will actually eat. That’s a plausible goal right? Ok, I wasn’t stressed about the food, I had an alterior motive: To get those little kids as tired as possible so their parents would LOVE ME and have peaceful night’s rest!! Did I mention I planned this event last minute?  Luckily, I had marvelous help  from my new sidekick Megan. We divided up the tasks and Read More

The Eczema Company to carry ScratchMeNots

The Eczema Company to carry ScratchMeNots! – by Marcie’s Mom of Eczema Blues A mother who has a child with eczema opens a store dedicated to providing eczema products in one place. Read Full Read More

Itchy Irritated Skin, Scratching Little Fingers

Itchy Irritated Skin, Scratching Little Fingers – Part One: Protective Clothing by Jennifer of The Eczema Company There is nothing worse than seeing your child suffer. Eczema is absolutely unforgiving when it comes to the maddening desire to scratch. As adults we can sometimes control the scratching reflex, but many times we don’t even realize we’re doing it. And it feels so good to scratch! How can we blame our children for trying to relieve the itch by scratching? I know my son used to scratch so intensely, he’d go into these itch trances. In a zombie-like state he’d dig at his skin, drawing Read More

She can’t eat what? Does eczema equal “can’t have”?

At a restaurant today, I ran into the familiar question “She can’t eat what?”. I feel like their kitchen screamed… I have been tired of making two dinners, one for us and one for our little one. I decided to try a new restaurant, one of those pre-cooked refrigerated dinner places. I figured it’s healthier, they’ll have plenty of variety and maybe this will be a great alternative to cooking. Puhleaseeee be an answer to my prayers. Despite the initial questioning, I still had hope as I starred at refrigerator after refrigerator full of tempting food that I did not Read More