10 ways Amazon Prime helps you save (Freebies & Sale Alert)

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10 ways Amazon Prime helps you save (Freebies & Sale Alert)

What is the big deal about Amazon Prime? I’ll tell you 10 ways Amazon Prime can help your family save, some  you may not have heard of before!

Amazon Prime has always been known to woo people, especially parents when it comes to sales. Amazon simplifies our lives! Seriously. We can shop across thousand’s of brands on one website, create one shopping cart AND it arrives 2 days later (if you’re a Prime member). That, my friends, is what I call “Wooing” well. And this TUESDAY, JULY 12th. Amazon Prime becomes so much better for 24 hours only with Special sales. I’ve compiled 10 reasons / ways you could use Prime for yourself & family. (There are a lot of exclamation points in this post out of sheer excitement and because you get above and beyond what you pay for.)

The perks of Amazon Prime:

1) Free Same Day or 2 Day shipping

  • Need I say more? Hands down the most used perk of Amazon Prime. Who doesn’t love fast & free shipping every day. Live near a metro area, you can even get SAME DAY delivery 🙂 And if it arrives late? Amazon will provide a credit and/or extend your Prime membership by a month! Just call or contact Amazon here.

2) Free TV shows and movies

  • If you’re a family off the cable grid, this gives your family another option outside of Netflix. Watch a wide variety of shows for free or rent some of the newer ones from Amazon .

3) Free music

  • Prime members automatically get the same commercial-free music that would cost up to $10 a month on Spotify. Pandora -> $5/month, Spotify -> $10/month

4) Our favs are available on Amazon 

5) Free Kindle Books

6) Deals Deals Deals

  • Prime Day Deals

What’s exciting about Prime Day are the deals!! Steep Discounts for 24 hours, some say it’s even better than Black Friday, hence Christmas in July!

  • Spotlight Deals
  • Lightening Deals are showing to Prime members 30 minutes before non-members


7) Have you heard of the Dash?

Whenever you run out of anything of a certain brand, click a button, sync’s to your phone and reminds you to purchase! No More Forgetting! Ok, just take a look at the video below.

8) Prime Pantry

This phenomenon is LOVELY! Order enough grocery store items to fill up an Amazon Pantry 45lb box and it ships for $5.99!

9) Amazon Family (20% off diaper subscriptions)

What if you’re not a cloth diaper person? Amazon Family gives you 20% off diaper subscriptions! Which makes it cheaper than most superstores.

10) Support a charity of choice with your Amazon purchases

If you order through Smile.Amazon.com a portion of your purchases will go towards a charity of choice! We love Noggin Education 😉

I hope our 10 reasons to try Amazon Prime has given you ways to save!

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