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Addressing Itchy Skin Conditions – Part 1

In Part 1 of this two part series, itchy skin conditions are defined. In addition, two categories of triggers – allergens and irritants – are identified. Part 2 of this post suggests approaches to addressing skin conditions that cause itching and are otherwise generally unpleasant. Introduction Finding a safe, effective treatment for your child’s skin condition can be a daunting and expensive journey.  Key to knowing which remedy is best suited for your child is to understand the underlying condition and its cause.  Treating symptoms is a temporary solution until the root cause is addressed. The skin condition may reappear Read More

Children, Allergies, And Eyedrops

If you’re a parent who has children that deal with allergies, you may have struggled with your child’s itchy eyes. The eyes are an extremely sensitive and delicate organ and have to be treated with care. The problem is that many children scratch and rub their eyes and don’t realize how much damage they may be doing. There are countless eye drops on the market that are meant to help relieve itchy, dry, red, or irritated eyes – but are they safe for kids? And what are the best ways to apply eye drops to your child’s eyes? SAFETY The Read More

Reilly’s Eczema Story

Check out this video featuring Reilly, an adorable little boy who fought the eczema and allergies battle and won! Reilly went through what many other children go through. He saw countless doctors who all gave a variety of options and treatments… but many of them were conflicting. With dedication, research, and a few ScratchMeNot mittens on hand, Reilly’s allergies were tamed and he is now free from eczema and scratching! Congratulations Reilly and family, and thanks for sharing your story with Read More

Creating A Back To School Allergy Kit

School is about to begin again, and many parents really start feeling anxiety and fear creep up at this time of year as they send their children out to learn. If you child struggles with allergies, it can seem impossible to keep them under control when they aren’t at home all day. The good news is that there are ways for you to help cut down on allergy-related issues, keep your child comfortable, and get their educators in on the process all at the same time with almost no hassle! There are two steps to creating the perfect back to Read More

Getting The Most From Your Allergy Specialist

if you’re working with a doctor, dermatologist, allergist, dietitian, or other allergy specialist to help with your child’s allergies, there are a few simple tips you can use to get the most from their help. These professionals know a lot about allergies and how to treat them – but there’s only so much they can learn about your unique child in a short office visit. The good news is that giving your allergy professional tons of helpful information is simple – and it will help them diagnose and treat your child’s allergies with greater speed and accuracy. Keep A Journal Grab a Read More